Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2012- What Season is it Anyway?

Thank you once again, May Dreams Gardens, for sponsoring Garden Bloggers Bloom Day once again.

February has come to the Southern Tier of upstate NY, on the edge of the snow belt - and usually it is still unmistakeably winter. Snow is usually on the ground, sometimes several feets worth.  We cope with cold temperatures, and nothing is even close to bloom.

This year...well, the snow drought continues.  Sunday, we got a little snow, with bitter cold winds. But, it melted. Yesterday we had snow flurries with no accumulation.  Today, the ground is bare except in a few sheltered spots.

My only flowers are inside, and finally my African Violets are blooming.



Meanwhile, outside, daffodils are poking out of the ground...

A lilac is trying to leaf out.
(this picture was taken Saturday) Snowdrops are preparing to bloom without snow...I'm expecting to see crocuses any day now.
And, tonight, I saw lichen growing in a pot that will hold flowers in another three months.

Many people are reporting that springtime allergies are manifesting themselves.

Back to the indoors:  my Christmas Cactus has buds, so it will probably be done blooming by the next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

What will happen in the next 29 days?  Will we get the "big one", the snowstorm to make up for lost time?  Or will I be reporting spring bulbs blooming before their time?

How is your garden doing?


  1. There begs the question - will winter come and when? Same here in my area of Scotland. Spookily it has been England that has had the snow so far this year but even that is not the falls we can get.

    As you know my crocuses are brightening up my garden - just when they should despite the warmer temps. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy GBBD :-)

  2. The weather has had us all on a guessing game this winter no matter where we live.

  3. Oh yeah..spring is just around the there anything better than the smell of Lilacs!

  4. It has been an unusual spring in many parts of the country. I know where you are that the snow can act like a big white insulator, so hopefully its absence won't affect what has yet to come up. They are calling for a big storm coming up from the south today that will bring snow to much of the state, but not where I live. I am OK with that.


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