Thursday, February 16, 2012

National Almond Day

Almonds are a nut I wish I could grow up here in zone 5 Upstate NY - alas, that is one of many trees I would like to grow but can't. (Citrus....avocado...pistachio....I have a large list.  Some of these include relatives of the almond that are also hard to grow here - peach, apricot, sweet cherry) But no matter, today it was time to celebrate.

Today is National Almond Day.

One of my favorite way to enjoy almonds, believe it or not, is not as a recognizable nut.  Although, I could make a long list of ways to enjoy almonds:  sugared almonds, smoked almonds, Almond Joy, almond milk (they even have an almond/coconut milk combo now),

I love to enjoy almonds as....a cracker?

Well, someone on a gluten free diet introduced me to these:  Almond nut-thins.  They are a gluten free cracker that are made from rice and almonds  There is also a variety made with pecans.  With the gluten free movement, these types of crackers are more and more available in regular supermarkets.  I haven't adopted a gluten free diet, but I do love rice crackers.  And crackers made with almonds.

Now, if they can only find a way to put almonds into Oreos...I would be all set.

What is your favorite way to eat (or drink) almonds?

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