Friday, February 17, 2012

Not Going to My High School Reunion

I am missing my high school reunion this weekend.

I won't mention which one, but there is a "4" and a "0" somewhere in the number.  But least you think you have just guessed my age, you haven't. (not exactly, anyway)  It's a long story.

Anyway, I am not going, and I have never gone to any of my reunions.  Not one.

Why?  "It's complicated".  Even after having gone to my spouse's reunion (there's a blog post about that somewhere) I am still not going.

First, high school was not exactly the high point of my life.  Second, in all honesty, there are very few people I went to high school with that I care to 'reunite" with.  Lest I sound too anti social, I can point out that my high school graduating class (we are talking New York City here) had more people in it than many high schools around here have total students.  Shy and not a beauty, I wasn't exactly Miss Popularity. 

Most of the people I've wanted to keep in touch with, I've kept in touch with.  I suspect the few who have disappeared aren't going to the reunions, either.

For whatever reason, this reunion is being held in Florida.  I guess they figure enough of us have ended up there. It may have been a nice escape from winter (such as winter has been this year), but even that couldn't get me to attend.

I will be visiting one of my classmates  tomorrow. The fact that I can make this visit has made me very happy that I decided not to sign up.  This is a special visit, and I'll blog more about it tomorrow.

Have you gone to your high school reunions?  Or have you passed?  If you went, were you happy you went?  If you didn't, were you happy that you didn't?


  1. I haven't been in any of my high school reunions but I've been into a couple of my trade school reunions after 10-20 years since we graduated. I think the trade school reunions were more fun because we were all more grown ups when going to school than at high school. I wouldn't want to see my high school class mates either. I'm fine with that :)

  2. I went to my 20 year reunion last wasn't that well attended...but I found that a lot of things still remained the same...the people who were mean, nasty and horrible about other people were still doing the same thing just in a more "elevated" way. The ones who had contact for a few years after school and had done things like go to one anothers 21st, wedding etc had lots to catch up on...those who had gone on to big and "important in their own eyes" jobs spent the night having what I considered to be a running competition to who had the biggest whatever it was they were trying to compare....the drama queens were in action the same as when it was school, trying to make sure that the whole night the attention was solely on them...I could have done with staying at home, I caught up with a few people who didn't go to the reunion and they said that they couldn't be bothered with it at said that he wasn't interested in speaking to any of the people who had picked on him for being of italian descent and over weight....he has had some of them come into his shop over the years and reckoned they were all still stuck up w**kers....

  3. I so get this. I agree with your points (high school not a high point, very few people I want to see).

    We moved to a new state the summer before my senior year of high school, so my senior year is mostly a blur of unfamiliar faces and a strong desire to go to college and start over.

    Knowing you will be raw and honest in your posts keeps bringing me back to your blog. :-)


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