Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday to My Favorite Cookie

I could say "my favorite cookie" is my spouse's aunt, who turned 100 back in January, but she isn't.  Although, she is barely older than a famous cookie, which turned 100 today.


Yes, the Oreo.

You Tube has a wonderful video on Facebook for its fans - fireworks in China.  It's a "private" video so I can't share it.


I never thought of International Oreos, but they are all over the world.  So I won't explain to my readers what Oreos are, except that when I grew up there was only one kind - one flavor.  Chocolate cookies with vanilla cream. That's it.

Now, of course, you find regular, chocolate, peanut butter, mint, Double Stuf, Golden Oreos, double delight Oreos that are both regular and golden, fudge covered, Oreos with ice cream stuffing.....

In the United States, our Oreos are made by Kraft Foods.  Which leads to a puzzling thing:  if you live in the United States, go into your food store and look at the various flavors.  Some are made here.  Some are made in Canada.  I wonder why.


I can kick myself for missing the Birthday Cake Oreo, which I saw in the store, and didn't jump on.  Now I know why they had that flavor....

And now, as a birthday gift to their fans, I propose that Oreo create an International Sampler.  Why?  If you look at the list of flavors that have been sold in other countries, some of them sound very interesting:

Blueberry ice cream, lemon ice, orange/mango, dulce de leche, and my favorite, sold in Canada but only sold here for a few months back in 2010...


Wonderful Canadian Strawberry Milkshake Oreos! 


In honor of these Canadian Oreos, I will end by reprinting a post from 2009. 


 Are any of you celebrating the Oreo birthday today?  Would you want to see any of the International flavors sold here?  Here's my little ode to Strawberry Milkshake Oreos....


In 2008, traveling in New Brunswick, CN we ran across Strawberry Milkshake Oreos. Oreos in Canada are manufactured by Christie, which is a brand name of Kraft Canada. (And no, I'm not being paid to post this).

For some reason, when I eat the Canadian equivalents of U.S. brands, I always like the Canadian versions better. This includes Special K Cereal, which has changed here in the States but is like what I remember from my childhood in Canada. Also Cadbury bars, which are not the same as the Hershey (sorry, Hershey) versions sold here in the states. And finally, potato chips. Where else can you buy potato chip flavors such as Roasted Chicken and Gravy, Ketchup (a long time favorite of mine), and Curry?

Well, in a store in Saint John, New Brunswick, we hit the jackpot. Christie Strawberry Milkshake Oreos! What a match made in heaven. Crispy (probably thanks to the trans fats it had-yum!) and...well, I am no fan of artificial flavor, but these were Maximum Strawberry Bliss. I only bought one package. I should have purchased more. Well such are the pleasant surprises of travel. Fast forward 9 months....

I had just purchased several packages of Newman-O's at a very good price. Went into our local supermarket to pick up something for a BBQ and there they were....I blinked and the mirage did not disappear.

Strawberry Milkshake Oreos!

I bought one package. Brought it home. Waited until after supper. Opened the package.


And the best part? We looked at the label and they were made in....Canada.

Nabisco, thank you thank you thank you. But please reconsider on one thing. These are marked "Limited Edition". Please say it ain't so.


  1. I really want to eat lots of oreos now. In lots of flavors. Yum!

  2. Other countries always have the best flavors of things! I got the Birthday Cake Oreos, but they were too sweet for me. I'm a Double Stuf girl, myself.


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