Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winter Wednesday-Twilight Zone Wildflowers

March 4, 2012.  Circle this date on your gardening calendar.  This was the first day that I saw crocuses blooming in Binghamton, NY, in upstate NY.  My guess is, this is either a record for earliest crocuses, or close to it.

Not only crocuses are in blooms.  Snowdrops are blooming.  So is a mystery wildflower I found growing in one lawn, in the neighborhood where Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling grew up. . There were several clumps of these mystery flowers.

I didn't have my camera Friday and couldn't get back to that neighborhood until today.   I tried to get close, and so this is pretty blurry.   I took another picture after this, and it is even worse.  So this is all I can offer you.

Herewith....the first wildflower photo of spring. Those flowers, by the way, were very small.  I know small is relative but....these were small.

And then, there were those snowdrops.

And those crocuses.  By the time I got there today, they had closed up for the night, so not much to see, either.

Near to where we parked, a large clump of daffodils was starting to color up.  Maybe by the weekend....

Crocuses and wildflowers on March 4.  Hardly any snow this winter here on the edge of the New York snowbelt..  Could it be we have crossed....crossed over into...The Twilight Zone?

If you know what the mystery flowers in the first photo are, could you let me know?

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