Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Flowers - Cutler Roses

On June 16, I visited our local Binghamton, New York botanical gardens - Cutler Botanic Gardens.  They have a very nice display of heirloom and modern roses.  I wanted to share some of these roses with you.

It's a pity I can't share the fragrances with you. Which - brings me to the Author Blog Challenge I am participating in.  Only 3 more days to go! (I think - I'm a bit math challenged.)

Today's prompt for the Author Blog Challenge is:  "What is/will be the subject of your next book?"  That is a good question because I don't know the subject of my first book yet.

It won't be horticultural - I have a feeling that market is quite saturated.  I'm not sure I bring anything new to the genre.

I daydreamed, a couple of days ago, about writing a book with photographs, to show the beauty of upstate New York.  Wild and domestic flowers would be part of that effort if I really did something like that.  My love of photography began with my first camera, a box camera with two settings - "black and white" and "color".  We are talking early 60's here.  It took flash bulbs and size 127 film.  (Anyone under the age of 40 is probably saying "huh?" just about now.) 

I would need to take some courses in photography. I am a point and click person. I don't know how to use photo editing software.  My photographs, a lot of times, really don't reflect the beauty, the colors, of what I see.  I want to be able to do that.  To me, it is an expansion of painting with words.  Not a substitute but a visual aid, so to speak.

But in the meantime, my blog is an outlet for my present skills.

I don't know the names of these roses. I'm never organized enough to bring a notebook and pen with me and second, because of our floods of last September, a lot of the tags are missing.  (A shout out to everyone who worked hard to get this botanic garden back in shape for this spring - it did flood badly.)

A mysterious purple rose
This may be what is called a "cabbage rose".  It certainly put out a huge cluster of lovely, fragrant, pink roses.

Isn't this a perfect yellow flower?
Another pink rose.

Finally, a cluster of beautiful white blooms.

There is such variety in roses.  I gave up growing roses years ago - it is not easy to do organically, at least with the types I tried, and my roses basically became a lunch counter for the local Japanese beetles. (speaking of which, they should be arriving just about now.)  I admire those who can do it organically.  These roses, I am sure, are not organic.  But they are a feast for the soul.

What is your favorite rose?

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