Thursday, June 28, 2012

AM the Author?

Today's prompt in the Author Blog Challenge is:  "What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?"

I have been bobbing and weaving around Internet problems the last four or five days, trying to continue my 14 month daily blogging streak  I thought (after a call to the Internet Service provider yesterday-thank you dear spouse) our problem was solved.  I spoke too soon.  So right now, I am crawling towards the finish line with chains attached to my ankles.  I suspect I need a new modem.

The best part of the Challenge - learning about new blogs.  Writing alongside of published authors. Reading their blogs (less than I would have linked).  To use a cliche, participating in this challenge, like others I have participated in, is like drinking from a fire hose.  It was frustrating, in this case, because this is the first challenge I've participated in that involves an actual theme, instead of just posting for x number of days straight.

I could have printed everything out but it would have been like printing out a book.

Yet, if it stays up on Facebook, I will be able to draw from it once I have my own plans consolidated.

Will there be blogs I will continue to read after the challenge?  Yes.  More of that tomorrow (Internet provider willing.)

What are my suggestions for improving the Challenge?

Well....I wouldn't hold the next one in December.   Sadly, the holidays have become too much a source of stress for too many people with too much to do.  I would ask that it be moved.  I will leave other suggestions to the actual authors in this Challenge.  I will mention though, that although some of the prompts didn't have immediate significance, they did make me think.  I didn't mind having prompts I couldn't respond to - this time.  Maybe next time I will be able to respond.  I could make that a goal.

Because I don't have a book started, and still don't have a book started, was it a failure?  NO.  It made me think.  It helped me learn.

My challenge will now be to continue to think.  Possibly becoming a published author is hard, but I now have a blueprint to consider.  I won't be going into it unprepared.

Wish me luck.

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