Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sanibel Shell Show Part 1

It took four years, but we finally made it back to Sanibel Island, Florida, land of some of the best shelling in the world.  Everyone has their vision of paradise.

Sanibel is my vision of paradise.  At least, Sanibel in March.  It's been a cool March in Florida this year but I don't care - there is green, and there is no snow. 

July would be a different story. 

Many other people agree with me about the vision of paradise.  Especially if you love sea shells.

Once a year, on the first weekend in March, shell artists from all over the world gather to display their art in a juried art show.

Amateurs and professionals compete in their own categories.

The amazing part is - it only costs $5 to get in. The admission is good for all three days of the festival, and they even give you a small baggie of shells as a "thank you" for attending.  Best of all, the ticket also gives you admission to a shell museum.

There is an outdoor shell show that benefits the community, and that part is free of charge.  There is a live shell exhibit run by 6th graders of the local school, and also educational displays.

This is some of what you will see for your $5.00.  If you are within driving distance of Sanibel, the show continues tomorrow and Saturday.

Is Sanibel worth traveling 1300 miles to see?  Yes it is, for a lot of reasons - and the Shell Show is a bonus.

Several artists competed in creating shell plants.  This is a shell carnivorous plant.  Don't touch!

This orchid is safe from my orchid black thumb.
And finally, an award winning centerpiece, made with natural material and broken crockery.  I wonder what story the crockery has to tell.  Was it salvaged?
A special catagory was an art form called the "sailor's valentine". I will blog more about that later this month, as it deserves its own series of posts.

Tomorrow - more highlights of the Sanibel Shell Show.


  1. Hi, I'm enjoying your travels - albeit second hand :-)

  2. Awesome pictures!!!

  3. This sounds just wonderful. As a non-fan of Florida, I admit this quirky deal is something that could make me come visit!

  4. Oooooooh! I can't wait to hear about that special category :) What lovely things folks can do with shells!! This is a lot of fun, Alana! Thanks for taking the time to update us every day. WRITE ON!

  5. I love how that shell show involves the whole community, including school aged children. And it does sound like a great deal. I've never been to Sanibel. I'm glad you are enjoying it!


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