Friday, March 8, 2013

Sanibel Shell Show Part 2

Today, I reluctantly (read: kicking and screaming) leave Sanibel Island. I look forward to meeting a relative and a fellow blogger in another part of Florida, but am so sorry to leave the place I call "paradise".

It is sobering to realize that the last time I was in Sanibel, I was still using a film camera.  Film, as in "that stuff you use to have to load into cameras and then send away to get developed." More recently, you could take it to a store for 1 hour developing but you had to be so careful about the pictures you took, because film cost money. And developing cost money!  Sometimes, the film (which had to be loaded into the camera) didn't work right, either.

Once again, nostalgia isn't all it is cracked up to be.  Why did I cling to film so long? 

The Sanibel Shell Show, on Sanibel Island in Florida, continues today and tomorrow.  What seemed like thousands of people crowded into a small community center to view gems of shell art - all taking pictures as fast as they could.  If some of these pictures seem blurry, please know I had a lot of competition.

This exhibit was one of my favorites.  It was called "An Ostrich Easter Egg" and it was said to be inspired by Faberg√©.

This is another view of the exquisite lid.

This is another one of the shell bouquets I admired so much.

Not all the exhibits were serious.  An artist from Brooklyn displayed this pirate statue.

Does your area have a special art form you are proud of?


  1. Wow! These are amazing! No wonder you don't want to leave! Wish I was there with you! Enjoy! xxoo

  2. WOW! What great creations! Thanks for sharing those with us, Alana! I have a bucketful of shells I now have ideas of what to do with :) WRITE ON!

  3. My great-grandmother made two-dimensional pictures with shells, but I had no idea such beautiful things could be made with them.

  4. I know someone who is participating in that show! He does amazing work. I'm so glad you've enjoyed visiting our state:)


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