Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Mystery Chobani Rebate Envelope

Dear Chobani Yogurt:

I love that you read my blog posts on your product.  I had mentioned that rebate envelopes you sent out did not have your name anywhere on them so I wanted you to see what I got. I fear people threw these out, not realizing they were from you.

I took pictures and here they are:

Here's the front (upside down-for some reason I can't get this to save right side up) with my name and address blocked.  The return address is PO Box 6710, Santa Clara, CA  95056-6710.  No name.

And here's the back. (again, upside down, sorry.)  No name here, either.

I would have thought you would want your name on this mailing!

And not only that:

Chobani, is there an address a blog friend of mine who never got his coupons can contact you at, to be sure he is on your list?

Sincerely yours,
A Fan in The Triple Cities of NY


  1. Thanks for bringing that to our attention! Yes, we brought in some outside help to assist with coupon fulfillment. Please let your friend know that he can contact care[at]chobani dot com so we can get to the bottom of this. Thank you!

    Amy @ Chobani

  2. Hey there. Thanks so much for your suggestions. Your friend can send a private message on Facebook or on Twitter with his contact information. From there, a member of our team will contact him directly. Thank you!

  3. Indeed, some indication of what this mailing is would be helpful!


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