Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recovering from a Recall

The coupons have arrived!  The coupons have arrived!

In September, I blogged about a local yogurt company now gone national, Chobani, and a recall of some of their product.  They are famous for their Greek yogurt. I love Chobani, especially their Blood Orange flavor so much that I don't even buy "regular" yogurt any more.

But product made in an Idaho plant (not their original plant in upstate New York just a county over from where I live) had to be recalled, and I had two of the bad containers in my fridge.  Had I not gone on a two week vacation (during which the recall happened) I may have eaten them.

Last week I got a thick envelope in the mail.  It didn't say it was from Chobani - in fact, seeing just a return address (and no company name) made me think "junk mail".  I came close to throwing the mailing  away. 

But, I like to check junk mail "just in case" and it's a good thing I did.  (I wonder how many people did throw these envelopes away.  I know someone else who almost did - Chobani, just a quibble here, why didn't you put your name on the envelope?)  So, first, here's a public service announcement:

IF YOU REPORTED BAD CHOBANI PRODUCT DON'T THROW AWAY A THICK ENVELOPE THAT COMES WITHOUT A NAME ON THE RETURN ADDRESS.  IT'S YOUR COUPONS FOR REPLACEMENTS! (I'm thinking, Chobani used a fulfillment company to send the coupons - but it still would have been good advertising to include their name on the envelope.)

And now, back to my regularly scheduled blog post.

You'll be pleased at what is in the envelope.

Coupons! And not just one. Several coupons EACH for several different types of Chobani.

Chobani, you may be interested in knowing that the same person I know who almost threw the envelope away told me that she had stated to purchase a competiting Greek yogurt.  But with all those coupons, she was going back to Chobani - and trying one of the products (snack tubes) that she had never tried before.  So - smart merchandising!

Why am I talking to Chobani in this blog post? Because they read my first blog post on the Chobani food recall and commented on it.  Obviously they are also paying attention to social media.  That's another plus.

So, Chobani, thank you.  It's nice to see a local food company recover from a local recall.

And I hope you continue to thrive.

Have you had a company pay attention to you on social media?


  1. I think it is a major mistake by Chobani (and they should fire the fulfillment house!) to not identify the sender! Because imagine your impression had you thrown it away. Those dognarmed nincompoops never responded to me@!&^#

    1. I am going to post pictures of the envelope, since I see that Chobani is reading my blog posts referring to them. We'll see what happens.

  2. It seems an obvious move to just put your name on the envelope . . .more advertising . . . . but dealing with the recall must be a hairy mess! Glad you got all your coupons and maybe with enough blog posts you could wangle a "lifetime supply of Chobani yogurt" for you AND YOUR FRIENDS (hint, hint Chobani folks!). :)

    1. That would be nice, Amy (hint, hint Chobani)

  3. Hey there! You are absolutely correct, we're reading this and we're so pleased. Thanks for letting us know you got the coupons. Enjoy and more importantly, happy spooning!

    1. Thanks, but I do have an unhappy blogging friend (he ended up tweeting my post so maybe you noticed that). I am posting pictures of the envelope, which I guess I should have included - I am doing so now.

  4. It's good to hear about a company who pays attention and also goes the extra mile to make their customers happy. Thanks for posting this. :)

  5. I'm glad you didn't eat it and that they made up for it with coupons to those who returned the product.

    As far as your question, not so much a company but I did a few pieces on one of my blogs about a haunted house a few towns over and got a friend request and a "Happy Birthday" as well as a repost on their on site. I thought it was a compliment. It feels good when people like what you write about them, doesn't it?

    Missy Bell

  6. Although they haven"t got their outsourcing working quite right, aren"t they fantastic for sending coupons

  7. How great that the company contacted you with more merchandising. They deserve to thrive. They've acted with honor.

  8. Ah it's good that you were entitled to those freebies! Great news!


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