Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Coolest Small Town Christmas 2013

Today, a little treat brought to you from a Coolest Small Town in America.

Every November, the small upstate New York village of Owego hosts a Holiday Showcase.  The jewel of the celebration, at the Tioga County Historical Society, is a fundraiser called O Tannenbaum.

You can bid on the trees (or the decorations), done in all different themes.  In 2011, after a major flood, this celebration was used to help Owego recover. 

The bidding for 2013 is over, but these are some of the decorated trees.  This year's theme was A Victorian Christmas. 

Like this topper, for example.
I love purple.
Pink isn't bad, either.
I love these old fashioned decorations.
And last but not least, a closeup of one of the trees.

There was even one tree partially decorated in Civil War commemorative stamps.  Guess what's going to be in a future Civil War Sunday post.

Do you decorate some kind of holiday tree? What is your favorite type of tree decoration?


  1. The trees are very different are they? I think the first two look a little overcrowded with decorations, but I love the others! :)

  2. How beautiful. Every decoration is wonderful.
    It's so strange, when you think of it, that decorating a Christmas tree is a relatively new ritual. It could mimic the Pagans dancing around a winter tree in Old England. I think, I could be wrong, Queen Victoria started the tradition.


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