Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fall Fancies-The Blue Path

I apologize - I am having a problem with the font on my blog today.

I took this picture early yesterday morning, not long before sunrise. I wanted to pick up the beauty of how the snow sparkled like diamonds in the 9 degree F (-13 Celsius) cold. But, instead, I got this.

When I looked at the picture later, I was so surprised to see how the path cut through the snow looked blue.  How glorious, I thought.

She walked the glorious path, fallen snow sparkling like diamonds in the weak predawn light.  The path stretched out forever, crunching beneath her feet, as more falling snow caught in her eyelashes and covered her coat.
She didn't think about how far the path stretched before her, just took it one cold step at a time. Step after step, crunch after crunch, she walked as the snow continued to fall. 
Each step brought her closer to a place she knew would be warm and fragrant with the scent of coffee.  She also knew a member of her spouse's family would walk the last few feet of her path today.  She had that on her mind a lot.

 Eventually, she would feel warm again. For now, it was only her, the snow, and the cold.
The glorious path seemed like it would never end.
She trod on.


  1. Alana, forgive me if I post twice. I wrote a comment and then it disappeared. I said that my favorite time of day, when there's snow on the ground, is right before sunset. If the sky is blue, the ground is blue, too! Such delight!

    1. I never got your first comment (Blogger obviously ate it - I'm sure it was tasty) so I am glad you commented again, Amy. I love light conditions in the last hour or so before the sun goes down. Sadly, most days in December here in upstate New York are cloudy, so we don't get quite the right light - I was so amazed by how that path cut through the 8 or so inches of snow on the ground came out blue instead of the sparkly white I was seeing!

  2. What a beautiful, snowy path way! There's still no sign of snow in the UK, let's keep it that way!


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