Monday, March 3, 2014

The Amtrak Snack Guy

One of my co worker's daughters has taken several train trips from her home in California back home to the Binghamton area (a little difficult, as Binghamton hasn't had train service in many years).  In fact, it's been my dream to travel by train coast to coast - I only wish Amtrak had a coast to coast Auto Train, the way it does for travel from Northern Virginia to central Florida. I've taken the Auto Train several times, and I've loved each experience.

I love a blogger by the name of Michelle Shaeffer.  She's the real deal, and although I am not a business blogger, I admire her for what she does and also admire the honest way she presents herself.  Michelle also co-hosts the quarter blogging challenge called the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I've done the Challenge several times and highly recommend it.

Now, imagine yourself on a train in California (or anywhere else), traveling with three children.

The scenery rolls by, but, to a child, scenery only stays interesting for so long.  And, anyone whose been a parent knows that a hungry child is a cranky child.  And, if you sleep in coach, you don't sleep very well.  You barely remember where the dining car is.  You need coffee, STAT!

Enter:  The Amtrak Snack Guy!

Since I read Michelle's article, I'm wondering who this man selling snacks on a California train is.  Turns out there are at least a couple of Amtrak "snack guys".

There's the famous (and I hope, not unemployed) Marty Schall, "snack guy" on the Amtrak Hiawatha between Milwaukee and Chicago, whose job was cut, sadly, last July.  His customers even launched a Facebook page to try to save his job. I wasn't able to find any recent news about him.  Does anyone know his fate?

This gentleman is on a California train, sings to the passengers, and is also a master salesman.

These snack guys (any snack gals out there?) obviously love their jobs, and they obviously sell those snacks.

What a wonderful thing, to spread joy as you work.

Now I really want to get on a train again!  This weekend is the first anniversary of the last trip I took on the Auto Train, and I had promised you, my readers, a post last year. Perhaps later this year.

Do you enjoy train travel?


  1. I prefer the dining car guys and gals- where the food is more my style...

  2. It's so sad when workers you admire disappear.
    A similar thing happened where I live in England. A native African used to keep the streets clean. He was the best worker I've ever seen, even walking miles to clean the streets close to my home. Then, he disappeared. I heard later, he was deported because he didn't have the proper papers. What a travesty of justice. He worked harder for our community than anyone. If they'd asked the residents first, a popularity poll would have saved him.

  3. It's such a shame that he lost his job! I prefer eating out in restaurants though!

  4. Characters such as these add so much to the travel experience. Sad loss!


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