Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Best of AM - The Smell of April

Yes, I know it is only March 4. But everyone her in upstate New York (well, almost everyone) is thinking of spring.  Begging for spring. Craving spring.  Willing to do almost anything for spring.

Today, when I woke up, it was -3F.

This is a post from April 28, 2009, with a couple of edits.  Maybe, by April 28, spring will have arrived, and this snow and bleary cold will be a distant memory.

We can only hope.

Do you associate a particular scent with spring?  My choice may surprise you.

What is the Smell of April?

We are at the height of spring right now and I do mean height. Here in the Triple Cities of upstate NY, spring is an all or nothing affair-a two week production of everything blooming and then...sometimes back to winter or almost-spring. After four record high days in a row and one almost record high day, every flower in sight is in a race to bloom and then be gone. Daffodils, tulips, forsythia, weeping cherry, crab apple, hyacinth, bleeding hearts, primroses, even early azaleas.   Look fast!

Last Saturday, spouse and I were exercise walking on the Vestal Rail Trail to enjoy the show.
I smelled something sweet and couldn't identify it. I could smell it on a couple of places on the trail. I wasn't sure it was a flowering tree because I had never smelled anything quite like that before.

Spouse remarked "have you ever noticed that April doesn't smell like June?" Not that this comment helped me out any.

That got me to thinking, though. Childhood memories are sometimes the strongest, especially as you grow older.

My childhood memory of the smell of April isn't one of flowers at all.

Every April, growing up in the Bronx, it would rain. And after every rain, torrents (herds? tons? what is a lot of earthworms called?) of earthworms would emerge, crawl onto the sidewalk, and die there. I'd be walking to school and try so hard not to step on them.

It is the smell of right-after-rain-in-early-1960's-Bronx that, to me, smells like April. 

What scent reminds you of spring?


  1. Ah-choo! That's the memory that comes to mind... :-)

  2. I love spring here and all of the trees as they bloom!

  3. Spring? So many scents. Not squashed earthworms, probably, but lilacs. Tulips. Fresh green growth on trees. Lilacs. Garden soil. (sigh)

    1. Let's tell each other spring will be here soon. I had to include photos from last April in my post for March 6 just to remind me!

  4. The smell of flowering plants :)

  5. Funny thing about smells and how it conjures up memories. I smelled a pipe the other day and immediately was with my grandfather who has been gone since I was 5 (43 years ago!)...


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