Friday, November 14, 2014

In the Still of the Morning

All is still.

Begonias just before sunrise 11-14. At this point they had already passed away.

The first snow has fallen and powders the ground.  Our first freeze has come

It is time to let go, here in the stillness of the early morning, in the 25 degree weather.  It is time to enjoy the stillness of winter.

Every year, I go through this ritual.  I cling to summer, screaming.  When the first frosts threaten, I cover plants. I bring in my hanging baskets (and I have a lot of them.).  Then, as the frosts get closer and closer, I take cuttings.

I can't let go of summer.

I can't let go of the flowers, the herbs, the veggies.

But one day I wake up and it's 25 degrees, and there is a thin layer of snow on the ground.

The forecast is for sub freezing temperatures every day.


There no longer isn't any point.  Still, perhaps, I try one last time.

I have to give up the effort.  I must give in.

I tell myself winter is not that bad.  I will have my indoor plants.  I will have the remains of what I harvested.  I will have the season of rest, of hot soup.

Still.  I will count the days until the first crocuses peek out of the ground, and snow no longer blankets the ground.

(End of five minutes worth of free writing - no editing, no overthinking.  Just like NaNoWriMo, which I am way behind in.  Oh well, there's the rest of the month....)

I am linking today to Five Minute Friday. 

Five minutes of free writing.  Today's prompt was "still".

Join me again tomorrow for "Garden Bloggers Bloom Day."


  1. We're looking at our first snow this weekend. Weeks earlier than we typically see these temperatures or have threats of snow. I definitely am kicking and screaming for my summer back.

  2. Received our first killing frost here last night. In just one night, I now have tons of garden chores this weekend as a result.

  3. Yep, my garden is gone too. I try and love each season but winter is definitely the hardest. I miss the sun and the flowers. My kids love the snow though and they help me remember that it can be good. Thank you for sharing today.

  4. that is so cute of you. I'm gonna miss summer too.

  5. It's 30 degrees in my part of the world. The lowest of the season so far. I cannot wait to get up in the morning and walk out to the patio to see how my plants braved the cold.
    Do you have sugges to save my plants from dying?

  6. Love your free writing, Alana. I so agree with the desire to cling to days of warmth and roses. I know it's coming, but I don't want the ground to freeze. It's still mildish in England. I walked in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. Got to let go soon.

  7. Roses are still blooming on a rather bedraggled climber on the trellis outside my study window. The blousy chartreuse petals of the overabundant Mmme. Eyes Bouchard are slightly diminished, but defiant of the shortening days. Like me. Never give up--until the inevitable.

  8. This is a really gorgeous picture.
    I think I prefer winter over summer. Having said that, we did have a decent June/ July this year!


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