Thursday, November 13, 2014

"B" and The Rokerthon

Today, in the United States (for those of us who have cable TV) we may have the chance to watch history being made - live.

Al Roker, a TV weather presenter, is going to attempt to break a Guinness world record for most consecutive hours presenting a weather forecast. He plans to present for 34 straight hours.  The current confirmed record is 24 hours.  The unofficial record was set in September by a Norwegian woman who did some of the broadcast in her bathrobe.

This is being done, incidentally, to benefit a charity related to the USO, a serviceperson support organization with a long, distinguished history.  And fans will be able to interact with Al on social media during this weather report to beat all weather reports.

People are already calling it a "Rokerthon".  Let's just say that Al Roker is a showman.  He can be quite funny, and he can also skate along the edge of - shall we say - being a bit outrageous.  Or even risque.

These are the terms and conditions of this weather reporting marathon, which is already in progress (it started 10pm Eastern time last night).

Al gets a 5 minute break each hour. He can save them up (in other words, by not taking them) to have a longer break.

He can't talk about weather taking place more than seven days in the past.

He can't talk about weather predicted more than seven days into the future.

He can only talk about the weather. (Sorry, Al, no BBQ!)

And, there will be an official from the Guinness organization on site at all times to ensure that everything is the way it should be, so that the record can be official.

I was disappointed that the Weather Channel wasn't livecasting it on Al's own Weather Channel show this morning, will live stream all 34 hours. I am watching him right now - and you can send him some encouragement on Twitter, or drink some green tea and eat some jerky with him.

So what does this have to do with "B", my brother in law with autism?

Well, many people with autism have what is called a special interest - something they are obsessed about.  "B"'s special interest is the weather.  In fact, my spouse is an amateur metereologist, and has already shared how HE would do this Rokerthon if he was called to do it and not Al Roker.  But his love of weather is nothing like the love of weather that "B" has.

"B" isn't much of a conversationalist so he could never do his own "B"athon, but one of his topics of conversation, when he chooses to converse, is the weather.  Especially the weather in the city where the brother he loves lives.

I hope that Al Roker talks about Binghamton and Johnson City, and "B" gets to see it.

Knowing Al, he might even do it in a bathrobe.

Do you plan to watch any of the Rokerthon?


  1. I wasn't aware of it. Hope Al is not pushing past his limits.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that he is a very limited weather man!
    Dorit Sasson

  3. Haha. Is five minutes enough time for a toilet break? Maybe he'll have a bottle to hand. And what about food? Smoothies to keep up his energy. The words thing would be tiredness. I wish him the best of luck.

  4. Ohhhh! I don't watch much news so I wasn't aware of this but it sounds awesome and fun! I hope he breaks the record. I think I'm going to have to check it out now :-)

  5. I never watch the news anymore but I think I'll have to check this out! I hope he breaks the record!!

  6. Wow, good for him! Great share :) Thanks Alana :)


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