Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Fancies - We'll Always Have Yesterday

These photos of the gorgeous color in the Binghamton/Owego area of New York State should speak for themselves.  Sometimes, words only take away from a story.

That's one of the beautiful things about blogging - it is visual, and you have these posts to look at when the seasons have moved on and fall is a distant memory.

For a lot of the United States, fall is a distant memory, with ice and snow already settled in.  But, for us, we had a day yesterday of blue skies and temperatures near 60 F (15 C).  This kind of day almost never happens here in November.  I admired it from a chair in a dentist's office.

Fall color has lasted longer this fall than any fall I can remember in the nearly 30 years I've lived in upstate New York.  I took these pictures over the last several days.  Soon this will be a memory.
The glow comes partially from bright yellow trees, including this massive gingko tree in a historic neighborhood in Owego, New York.

Another gingko stands near the Susquehanna River in Owego.

And, last but not least, the glow of a fall sunset as seen through a maple tree on the West Side of Binghamton.

Today it rains.  And tomorrow, our colder weather starts.  It will be another season - the season of Letting Go.

More on that topic another time.


  1. Alana,
    I've been too busy with a sick son to take any pictures for the past week, but I'm glad to admire yours. It was a glittering, sparkling, colorful fall here in Nebraska. Now it's 15 degrees with ice and snow on the ground. *sigh* But what a blessing to have photos to cheer us!

  2. We do have skiff a snow in our yard. I'm waiting til it get up to the mid twenties before I go for a walk. Any way you look. at it..I'm going to have to bundle up
    Coffee is on

  3. Have only been to New York once in the fall, and it was so beautiful. I love seeing the colors change on the trees.

  4. Enjoyed visiting from #NaBloPoNo. I love the reds in the maple trees. It has been a beautiful November. Thanks for a lovely post!

  5. Nice photos Alana. I am beginning to realize more and more how much I love fall, at least on the clear days when the leaves are so much brighter and beautiful. ;) <3

  6. So beautiful--especially when you know everything is about to change. Never say die, but that's what it is. A death of sorts. Soon to spring to life with a whole new set of leaves.


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