Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall Fancies - Syracuse's 15 Minutes of Fame

If you see Jim Cantore walking down your street, evacuate immediately.

It's a bit of a joke, here in the United States, where we have a channel on cable TV called The Weather Channel.  They dispatch a man, Jim Cantore, to wherever they feel some weather related disaster is about to strike. So now, people get really nervous when Jim Cantore shows up before a predicted storm.

Even the Weather Channel has made fun of this. Enjoy this commercial showing one of Jim Cantore's attempted vacations.

Today, it was Syracuse, New York's turn to host Jim Cantore.  And sure enough, the snowfall in Syracuse and Onondaga County did not disappoint.  They didn't even close their schools - not right away, anyway.

We didn't get Syracuse's totals here in the Binghamton, New York area.  But, I want to treat you to some pictures, anyway. I love snow on evergreens, and this my treat for you today.

Evergreens and snow, taken near Johnson City, New York.

More tomorrow (maybe).

What was your weather like today?


  1. Love that last picture. Looks festive and lovely

  2. No snow in North Idaho. Sure hope we have a covering for Christmas.
    Coffee is on

  3. I love the snow on trees. Such a wintry feeling. I'm on the west coast, and we've been pummeled by the Pineapple Express. Rain. Lots and Lots of Rain. I think I saw Noah float by once.


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