Saturday, December 13, 2014

Local Saturday - What Tree Is This

It is the best of seasons.  It is the worst of seasons. (With apologies to Charles Dickens).

What a beautiful time of the year this is, especially in the colder climes of upstate New York.But, we also have dangerous storms.  We, though, find ways to make the seasons bright. (Now, to stop with the corny Christmas puns.)

Today, I'd like to show you a special Christmas event held each year at the Tioga County Historical Society, located in Owego, New York, the "Coolest Small Town in America".

Blogging about this event, called O Tannenbaum, has become a holiday tradition for this blog.  People get the opportunity to bid on beautifully decorated trees, and the money raised benefits the historical society.  Today is the final day of the event.  With any luck, I will win a tree I had bid on.

Can you guess which tree I bid on?  Here are your choices.
Was it this Mardi Gras tree?
This egg tree?
How about a needlework tree?
Or, perhaps, could it be....this tree decorated in all things New York State?

And did I mention that blue is my favorite color?

Welcome to my first Local Saturday post. I still plan to have occasional posts on sustainable living, but I wanted to branch out a little (no pun intended!) and show you some of the beauty of upstate New York.

Do you have traditions where you live to make a bleary season bright?

Tomorrow is my Civil War Sunday. Monday will be my 15th of the month Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and, Tuesday, I will have a special Hanukkah post.  Thank you for stopping by, dear readers.  You make me so very happy (groan)....


  1. This post made me so very happy! I'm definitely guessing the New York themed tree.Yep, that's the one for you.
    Keep warm.

  2. The other day we put up our tree, which my hubby went and cut off the family property. A small grand fir.
    Today we strung lights.
    Our local hospital put on a local tree and tree auction. But it became so price that they have trouble getting people to take part in it...A cheap tree goes for $1,000.
    I wish they would broaden these base so more can take part.

    Anyhow are you near VansHornsville (Herkimer County). My Great Grandma came from there. I think it by Stark New York.

    Coffee is on

  3. Awww... love it! I love the white one the best :)

  4. I'm glad you mentioned your favorite color is blue--a clue to which tree you bid on. We have no traditions along our tiny strip of cottages here in Hertfordshire, England. A married couple about 10 houses away always decorates their front with lights though, which brings a little of the festive season to our area.

  5. This is such a lovely, Christmassy post. We put our tree up about a week ago! I think the needlework tree is my favourite.


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