Thursday, March 12, 2015

Owl Capone

It's the movie The Birds - in real life. Sort of.  And only one bird.

An angry owl has attacked at least three people (one person twice - ouch!) in Bush's Pasture Park in downtown Salem, the capital of the state of Oregon.  The owl has stolen hats and has even drawn blood.  The owl, as of last night, has not been caught.  Officials think the owl is protecting a nest.

I wonder - with all the owls in the United States, why this one park?  Not only that, but the angry barred owl is not a native to the area.

Yes, the owl has been identified.

It seems to swoop down in the early morning onto unsuspecting joggers.

When Rachel Maddow, a political commentator,  suggested an angry owl warning sign on her program (and came up with a proposed design), the city of Salem took her up on her suggestion.

Not only is the city posting an Angry Owl warning sign, but you can  download the design to have your own T-Shirt made.  My spouse wants one, but I have no idea how much having a transfer and a T Shirt made will cost.

The owl has its own hashtag on Twitter - #angryowl.

The owl has a nickname - Owl Capone.
I wonder when the Angry Owl game will be released, not that I mean to belittle the owl's victims.   These are hunting birds, and their talons are sharp.  I wouldn't want to be its prey.

But it is a diversion, when so much news is discouraging.

Do you have any strange happenings where you live?


  1. I agree! I wouldn't want to be one of this owl's victims. Very strange indeed.

  2. The movie freaked out my husband so badly that he cringes when he sees a flock.

  3. I think I remember that story and saw the video! Very odd behavior and makes you wonder the owl is doing that.

    Here we have wild turkeys that are frequent visitors in our yard. They roam all over the neighborhood, on the roads, in never know quite when you'll see them, but they're interesting to watch and always attract the attention of our dogs and cats! The cats stare out the windows, with tails twitching, while the dogs go a little bit crazy with barking and pawing at the windows!


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