Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Winter Wonders - The Thaw

This morning, we are under a fog advisory.  Spring is on the way.

We received a peek of spring yesterday, as it reached 50 degrees F (10 C).

It is above freezing right now at 6am.  We in upstate New York are giddy with joy.  In a few weeks days, maybe the ground will be visible once again.

And once that happens, can early spring bulbs be far behind?

At our house, we still have a good two feet (about 61 cm) of snow on the ground.  But, it feels so good to know that winter is really coming to an end.
Soon, hopefully, no more of this.
A hanging basket should occupy this space.
No more of this.
Or this. 

I will not post the photo of me doing my happy dance.

I hate to disappoint my readers in Great Britain, or India, or other places where the people seem to be starved for snow.  (If anyone wants to arrange a house swap for next winter....) but this post is my next to last Winter Wonders feature until December.  Soon, no more pictures of snow.


So....drum roll.
After next Wednesday, the next Wednesday post will be written in spring.  SPRING.  The season when grass is visible, when farm stands start to reopen, when the birds sing, and we have our first flowers.  You know, the one good thing winter does is make us appreciate spring that much more, as we open our imaginary solar panels and soak the first heat in

If you know where spring is, tell her to hurry!


  1. I'm sure you're glad to have this winter over! We had lots of rain (as is normal for Ireland) but I prefer snow - well, not 100 inches of snow, but you know, a dash of the white stuff to kill off the bugs and make the world more magical than it already is.

    Here's hoping the thaw is slow - so that you're not faced with the evil flooding that so often follows a harsh snowy winter.

    Kind Regards,

  2. There's nothing wrong with Winter White! It coats the trees, provides visible delight.

  3. This has been a long, cold winter. I love each season for its beauty and nothing can compare to our beautiful winter landscape, but I do appreciate the arrival of Spring.

  4. Your selection of pictures are lovely.
    We haven't had much snow in the UK, today has been really rainy and cold!

  5. Still 2 feet! That is amazing...

    I was just reading about the horrors of what is found under the snow-to-slush accumulation in the streets of New York City!

    I hope spring springs soon for you!

  6. Here in the south of England, the first daffodils are flowering, the roses have proper leaves, and snow never settled on the ground. I'm so glad about the lack of a cold winter. There's nothing much to do when you're confined to the home. I hope your Spring will reward you for the tough sentence you were handed.

  7. We had a similar thaw on Tuesday and it sure was pleasant to not be shivering!☺ Let's hope Mother Nature pays attention to the actual Spring start date, for a change.

  8. Spring is here where I live, but the snow found me on vacation. It was fun though, as long as I don't have to deal with it on a normal basis. Beautiful post.


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