Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Am I Ready to Be Criticized?

Yesterday, I blogged about needing to fail, because I haven't stretched myself as a blogger the way I did in my very first blogging challenge four years ago.

The WordCount Blogathon (ancestor of the challenge I am in this month) used to give prizes for blogging all thirty days.  The second year I participated, I won a writing critique.  I never used it.

I wasn't ready.

A couple of my readers yesterday (thank you!) suggested I join Internet writing groups or critique groups.  This time, I didn't react in fear.  Perhaps I am ready.  Well, nearly ready.

It's taken me since 2011 to realize that people critiquing your work is people critiquing your work, not people telling you that you, as a person, are a worthless person.  My writing has always been tied up with my self worth.  That will always be true, but I must learn to separate the two somewhat.

I've seen some horrible, horrible attacks on writers on sites such as Good Reads masquerading as book reviews.  I know that is part of the territory.  The Internet attracts trolls, just as it attracts the wonderful bloggers and readers of my blogs.

I'm going to take the advise not to blog a book, at least at this time.

I don't know if this Blogathon is going to have a Haiku Day, or any other kind of day, so I will make up my own event.  Later this month, I am thinking of trying my hand at Five Sentence fiction, and seeing what happens.   I might even try a writing prompt.  All for fun and growth.

I will do my book writing offline, for Camp NaNoWriMo in July, and let you know my progress.

For tomorrow, there is my Spring Things Wednesday feature.  So much spring, so little time!   So, enough writing about writing.

Thank you, all who have commented recently.


  1. Whoa. Alana, you changed your blog! It looks fantastic, and very springy! Regarding your writing, it sounds as if you are growing, and with all the writing that you do for your blog, of course you will grow in your abilities! Every writer, though, works best in his or her own way, and the trick seems to be figuring out what the best way for you to work is. I think you've done a great job figuring that out for yourself!

  2. Keep up with the writing, where ever you do it, it feeds your soul! Can't wait to see more of spring from you neck of the woods.

  3. Have you never had someone critique your writing? I found it's surprisingly easy to have my writing critiqued. I worried that it would hurt. It stung a little at first, but as long as you have people talking about the work and not attacking you (and good readers don't do that), it's easy enough to separate. At least in my experience.

  4. I came over to read your A-Z posts but this one caught my attention! I'm so similar. I've just posted my first short story on my blog and I was so scared of the reaction. So far it's all been positive, but then I think oh are they just being nice. Really can't win with me lol
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  5. Critiques are intended to help us improve, and should always be taken in that vein, and rejected if they are mean spirited!

  6. keep up with the writing n dont worry about the trolls. All the best.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  7. I'm just like you as far as my writing being tied up in my self worth. Living in a family with other more excellent writers has taught me to appreciate their criticism and is helping me to become a better writer. (I'm certainly more comfotable cooking' up something in the kitchen, than writing. Hence my food blog. :) )

    All the best as you continue to challenge yourself!

  8. Even I am thinking of joining a critique site as suggested by a wonderful blogger colleague. But looks like I am not yet ready. :(


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