Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring Things - Pink and Purple Flower Passion

Here in upstate New York, we are in what I would call "late spring".  We had a hot May, and it gave a big kick in the posteriors (so to speak) of just about every flowering plant.  We've been through much of spring flowering in an accelerated three weeks, but things have calmed down a little.

I got to thinking, today, just how many pink or purple flowers I have on my property.  I must be passionate about those colors!  Here is a sample.

Yesterday, in fact,I bought a new columbine.  For this "blue and white Origami", it was love at first sight.  But blue flowers are rarely blue - many times they are purple.  This one is no exception. The blue/purple is there (in the exterior petals) if you look carefully.
Here are some true purples-Oxalis and purple sweet potato vine.  The flower belongs to the sweet potato vine.  The oxalis has white flowers, but they were being shy.

I make up several hanging baskets each spring.  I love petunias, and I love this combination.
This is a fragrant bearded iris.  I know it only as a "Kool-Aid" iris and the scent does remind me of grape Kool-Aid.  I only had one of these plants bloom this year.  For me, it has been a disappointing iris year.  I wonder if they need to be divided.

Finally, here's one of my rhododendrons.

It's spring, the time of new beginnings.  Perhaps I'll share some more photos on Thursday.


  1. Beautiful blossoms. Spring may be late for you but it was worth waiting for.

  2. Oh, I love this! I can almost smell all the flowers. You have a beautiful flower garden, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Alana,
    Beautiful pictures!! Great post :) Definately time for new beginnings :)

  4. Oooh, pretty. And there's nothing wrong with purple. Or pink.

  5. Such beauty. In spite of the scorching summer, it's such a relief to see flowers around me - the pink bougenvilla, the white and yellow plumeria and the purple jacaranda! What a difference those colours make to my day!

  6. How wonderful. I love the iris best of all. To me, they're magical plants. Mine come pu every year, bear leaves, but rarely a flower. Poor little things--they're in a pot. I should free them; like I should do a lot of things while I sit here writing.

  7. Those are all gorgeous! So happy that Spring has finally arrived, after such a brutal winter.


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