Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not the Nature of Things

Normally, by now, we would have had some snow in my part of upstate New York.  Check out the stats for Binghamton, New York, here.  Below average snow.  Above average temperatures.

Not that I m complaining.

Normally, the sun is a stranger at this time of year.  But not this year.

A mild sunrise on Friday, as I participated in what Americans call Black Friday-a day of shopping bargains.
Later that day, in a normal year, there would not have been a dandelion blooming in a green lawn.
Today, alyssum should not have been blooming in my front yard.
A wood sorrel should not have been blooming in the back.

I would not have taken an exercise walk in nearby Binghamton (still trying to shake off a sickness I've had for the past week) and heard birds singing and a lawnmower starting.  And, when I got back I would not have seen what I call my too-late mum, finally blooming. It's one of several hardy mums I bought last year.  All of them survived our harsh winter, and bloomed - but this one, apparently, didn't get enough sun.

So the buds hung on and hung on and never opened.  Until this past week, when the too-late buds finally decided to open, and were immediately hit by a freeze.
I'll never even know what color they were supposed to be.

Guess this plant will be moved next year.

In a normal year, I would have been letting autumn go. 

But not this time.  It's not the nature of things.  Things don't seem right.  Things are not in balance.

Today, I don't care.

I'm enjoying the sun.  And hoping against hope that the snow will not come.  Well, maybe just a little.  And then, it will be time for spring.

This is day 29 of NaBloPoMo.


  1. It's been quite similar for us here. On the one hand it's lovely to enjoy the mild weather, but on the other it's troubling to think about climate change. It's a tough one.

    1. As much as I enjoy the mild weather I know the last time we had a mild winter, we lost a lot of our apple crop - a crop our area depends on. Yes, it is troubling to think about climate change.

  2. According to the NOAA forecast, your area should have a warmer than usual winter, while we should be cooler and wetter than usual. We'll see how their prediction pans out.

  3. We have tropical weather in Singapore, the same through the year, so the discussions on varying weathers fascinate me.

  4. I know where you are coming from..sometimes it's okay to put the greater worry at the back burner for a while and enjoy the moment...

  5. that sunrise is serenely beautiful - it almost makes me want to get up earlier (note the "almost" there!) We're in Spring in Australia and it's lovely to have Winter over and done with for another year - although there is a long hot Summer ahead!

  6. They're promising us a wet winter. El Nino and all that. We'll see.


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