Saturday, November 28, 2015

Local Saturday - Dhremo

Today, in the United States, it was Small Business Saturday.

We visited several local businesses and bought holiday presents at a couple of them.  One featured jewelry made in the United States, made with recycled materials.

The other sold unusual gifts, including something I think the recipient will also be delighted with.

The people in the businesses we visited all seemed delighted at the influx of visitors. But sometimes, a regular gift is not enough.

Today, I read about a most inspirational gift for anyone you may know who is struggling with serious illness.  It made me think of a friend, who used to dress in costumes for her chemo and post them on Facebook.  Her husband would write her songs.  

One of my Facebook friends (and a small business owner), Sandi Tuttle, has written about her cancer journey (when she is up to it) on her blog.  This Small Business Saturday, she is in rehab, recovering from a recent hospitalization.

So many, this holiday season, don't need an everyday gift.  They need the gift of hope.

Enter Dhremo Therapy.  

These are decals for IV bags created by Marsha, an artist, sculptor,and breast cancer survivor, and sold on her website.  You get a set of five in each order, and Marsha donates $1. to a cancer fighting organization.  These decals are:    Miracles, Hope, Vitality, Light & Love, and Clarity.  

November can be so dreary in upstate New York, where I live.  But today, there is a new sparkle in the sky - a new season of hope. Of dreaming.  Of taking the depression of a serious diagnosis and turning it into a powerful weapon.  Dhremo.

Do you have a story of survival to share today?

Today is day 28 of NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month.


  1. I survive a lot but never cancer. I did a little shopping today in our local town of Bonners Ferry and it was slow. Which I found disappointing.The small business is one of the back bones of our country...I'm glad I went out and support small business saturday....Coffee is on

    1. It was a pleasure for me to support it. I also do Black Friday, but for entirely different reasons.


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