Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Monday - A Dream Come True

So many times, since I started Music Monday, I've had to blog about singers who have passed from cancer.

This time, it is heartbreaking, and I am not even a country music fan.

I've been following the story of country singer Joey Feek for several months.  I  first read about her on Facebook.  Diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014 three months after giving birth, this singer, who sang with her husband Rory Feek as the duo Joey + Rory, passed away at the age of 40 on Friday.

The blog post her husband wrote to announce her death is one of the most touching blog posts I have ever read. 

He had started the blog in 2014 and he is a blogger of great strength. (And if you are wondering why I chose the blog headline "A Dream Come True" - read the post. It will break your heart, just like a good country music song.)

Joey, besides her husband, left her two year old daughter, Indiana.  Indiana has Down Syndrome. I hope, as she grows up, she will be inspired by her late mother.  And by her father.

This song is from 2012 - "When I'm Gone".

And one more song "That's Important to Me."

Cancer truly sucks.  We can only count the days until it is finally defeated and I never have to blog about anyone having cancer, ever again.

I will be taking a two week break from Music Monday. One more music post March 27.  Next Monday is Pi Day (how can I resist?) and the 21st is Reveal Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

In April, I will be participating in the Blogging from a to Z Challenge. 

What's on your mind this morning?


  1. This as well.
    I followed her story & watched their love the entire time

  2. I just heard her story on news tonight. i will go check out the blog post and listen to the music. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've been thinking too about the A to Z challenge. Last year I thought I'd wing it and write about the first word that came to mind starting with the alphabet for the was harder than I thought it would be... this year I plan on being less impulsive and more purposeful.

  4. My heart goes out to her and millions of other people who have lost their battle to cancer. It is truly a tough battle - for not just the patient but also, people around that person.

  5. I felt bad that I only knew of her through her battle with cancer and what must have been a heartbreaking goodbye to her family. But so much love... so much love. They are strong, and will do her proud.

  6. I have also followed her story since seeing it in the "trending" news on Facebook. So heartbreaking, yet what a beautiful example of love and devotion this couple was, and still is, even in her physical absence.

  7. P.S. And oh the irony of that song, "When I'm Gone." That must kind of haunt Rory now! I think I read they recorded that before she was ever diagnosed!

  8. I am not familiar with her. I am with cancer. It killed both my grandfather's. My mother has in on bottom lip. It is a big black spot that is ugly. Where it is at, they can only watch it.

    I do a 52 week A-Z Emotions Challenge last year. I think i may join you in the A-Z Challenge. It has been awhile. Since I participated in one. I always liked it.

    Did you happen to be a member of the Bubblews?

  9. My mind - work and more work. But yes, I scheduled my theme reveal post today :)


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