Sunday, March 6, 2016

Blog Roundup #8

Every Sunday, hopefully through the end of March, I will be posting links to some of the blog posts I enjoyed this week.

All I ask is that you visit some, or all of them.  Pay the love forward.  Read, comment, share.

Shall we get going?

First, Dorit, who sustained a fall on ice, blogs about the aftermath of her injury and the courage to believe she can heal.

Amy, who has blogged, and written books, about her experiences with Usher Syndrome, shares an inspirational story from someone else who is coping with vision loss.

Suzy: A musical challenge - and something all Beatles fans will love.

Karen blogs about Saying NO when necessary - and, for too many of women, NO is the hardest word to say.  It shouldn't be.

Are you a quitter? No? Silvia says you should be.

For those who like a certain brand of humor, Laura writes about a dilemma - if she should launder her Tibetan prayer flags, or not. And one thought led to another....
(This one may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it.)

Remember, fellow bloggers - pay it forward!  See you next Sunday!


  1. This is a great round up. I will visit all the links mentioned. Thanks for sharing :)


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