Saturday, April 16, 2016

New (York) Noshes #AtoZChallenge

Nosh:  "To eat a snack or light meal."

Normally, on my blog, Saturdays are Local Saturdays, where I blog about things local.  I grew up in New York City, and have lived, for nearly thirty years, in the Binghamton area of upstate New York.

Now, with New York State in the National News due to the close Presidential primaries (more of that on Tuesday, perhaps) I wanted to share some of the foods of my New York childhood and adulthood.  For Nourishment for body and soul, there is nothing like New York noshes.  (And there is nothing like the letter N for this post, apparently).

For any child growing up in the New York City of the 1950's and 1960's, a favorite drink at the local sweet shop (soda fountain) was the egg cream.

An egg cream basically, is chocolate syrup, milk and carbonated water.  There was only one acceptable brand of chocolate syrup for an egg cream, and it is still made today.
I took this picture in - wait for it - North Carolina
Fox's u-bet.  (As you can see, they have since branched into other flavors.  But for a New Yorker, Fox's u-bet means one flavor only, and that is chocolate.

At the local bakery, we would buy a dessert called a Charlotte Russe.  They are only made in a handful of New York bakeries anymore.
Steve's Key Lime Pies, Red Hook (Brooklyn)

But, enough about Nostalgia. Nowadays, New York bakeries have other things on their mind.  Like Key Lime pies.
Steve's Swingle
Here is a swingle, which is a miniature Key Lime pie on a stick, frozen, dipped in chocolate.  And now, I am hearing a rumor that they will be opening a second location in my beloved Charleston, South Carolina.  Could it be?

Let's see.  What else qualifies as a New York nosh?
High Line, Manhattan, 2013
How about gelato?
Manhattan, again
Wonder what is for sale in this Asian Mart?

But least you think New York Noshes take place only in New York City, come visit a Taste NY shop in the New York welcome center traveling north on I-81, just after you enter New York State.

There is everything from spicy tomato oil from Syracuse to crackers and water from Saratoga.  Nuts from Binghamton.  Sweet corn chips from Ithaca. Spelt chips.  Fruit juice.
Everything from yogurt to deli meats.  Yes, they are all local food, all New York noshes.

Are you hungry yet?

What is a favorite food of the area where you live?

"N" day in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Tomorrow is an off day (I will blog but it won't be an A to Z post) but I return Monday with my Offering for "O".


  1. You know I'm trying to diet and now these pictures above! I'm craving for chocolate cake already!!!


  2. Oh I REALLY want a Charlotte Russe and a Chocolate Egg Cream. The bakery on 161st street had the best CR, and way on the other side, the candy store made the best Egg Creams. Sigh....

  3. These pictures are not going to let me stay on a healthy diet this month!! Super!
    Tina From
    The Sunny Side of Life
    Twinkling Tina Cooks

  4. Charlotte Russe, egg creams, Coney Island knishes...

    Now we have cupcakes from Magnolia and felafel from a street cart.

    You'll never starve in NY

  5. Oh my yes, the food. Can't get a decent hard roll this side of Port Jervis. And for noshes, Entemann's crumb cake. Grandma always had one on her kitchen table.

  6. You ARE making me hungry! We are planning on a family trip to NY next month, this gave me some great ideas. I have a friend in Red Hook that owns Botta Di Vino, an Italian wine shop. If you get back in the area, you'll have to check it out.

  7. Steve's Key Lime Pie HELLZ YEAH!

    I have stopped buying "key lime" pie anywhere else in NY 'cause Steve's is just SOOOOO good.

  8. NY noshes is yum and hope I can visit someday to grab it all. Guilty? My sweet tooth:)

  9. I've always wondered what an egg cream was. Thanks for the explanation, but why do they call it that, since neither ingredient is involved? That mini key lime pie on a stick sounds good! I'd love to visit that "Taste of New York" store. We've visited NY state several times but have not seen it.

    1. Some say the term "egg cream" came from the Yiddish "echt keem",meaning "pure sweetness". There are other theories, but I like this one. Good question, Debbie!

  10. My first real taste of New York City came from my brother's time in Brooklyn - he and his wife sent me a care package from Zabar's - complete with my first REAL Parmesan Reggiano. When I got the chance to visit him I remember the cappuccino and French Morrocan couscous dinner we had at a tiny bistro, the amazing Greek food in his Queens neighborhood and the bagels. We have good bagels here in St Louis, but none compare to actual NYC bagels. I carried two dozen of those bagel home on the plane that trip (this was long before 9-11) I am pretty sure I carried 25 pounds in that bag!But so worth it!
    As far as local treats - St. Louis is known for pork steaks (thin cut from the shoulder, grilled and covered in sauce) gooey butter cake and toasted ravioli. If you ever pass through, these are the three must eats!

  11. I am hungry. It's past dinner time...

  12. I'm originally from Buffalo - so, hot wings of course! And chicken finger subs and beef on weck. Yum!

  13. Hmmm... sounds delish! I never really gave it much thought, but next time I visit New York, I may have to nosh my way through it!

  14. You forgot to mention knishes, yoo-hoo, Manhattan Special, Nathan's. But oh boy, eggcreams. And Charlotte Russes'ss's. Ah, home.


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