Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Reboot

Spring has rebooted in my part of upstate New York. (Thank you, local blogger Kathy Purdy, for the inspiration).

Some two weeks ago, we were dreading the arrival of an Arctic express, which was bound and determined to derail spring.  At my son's house (some 20 minutes from us) he got six inches of snow (about 15 cm) and the temperature got down to minus six degrees (that's -21 C for some of my readers).   Many spring flowers (including magnolias and cherries, all blooming early due to our exceptionally mild winter) that had bloomed early died.  Others were adversely affected.

But nature has made a comeback.  Today, it reached 72 F (22 C) with brilliant sunshine.

This is what today looked like in nearby Binghamton, New York.

Daffodils.  (some still drooping from the cold snap but later varieties are upright).

Creeping phlox.

Bradford pears finally coming out.

Grape hyacinths (and a dandelion).


And, a couple of days ago, I took these pictures. 

Early tulips on the West Side of Binghamton. 

A spurge (euphorbia) at Cutler Botanical Gardens in Binghamton.

We remember the cherry blossoms and magnolias that were taken by the storm.  I'm even wondering if the forsythias will skip blooming this year.

But spring, hopefully, has finally, truly, arrived.


In a leap of faith, spouse planted peas at our house yesterday in a planter.

Tomorrow, back to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, with my post for "O".


  1. Glad you missed the Blast!! It got a little nippy here in Illinois but the spring flowers are all good. My palm trees are on life support but I am still holding onto hope!!

  2. Glad spring is back. Hopefully to stay.

  3. Those tulips are such a lovely colour. Hope that Spring stays true to what it is supposed to be.
    We currently suffering the effects of a heat wave and it's sad to see the flowers and plants dropping and dry.

  4. The flowers are so beautiful.. Your part of the world must look so colourful now.. In my city, spring seems to have been very short lived for summer and scorching heat is already here.. Your post just inspired me to plant some flowers in my garden and this time take care of it too..

  5. Lovely clicks of colorful flowers. It made my day.

  6. Gorgeous flowers. Please send some sunshine over our way. It has been raining for 10 days in Switzerland.

  7. So pretty! As you may have heard in the last day or two, we're still in the "April showers" phase of spring, here in Houston, Texas...


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