Thursday, May 26, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Watermelon Oreos

The folks who make Oreo cookies are about to release two new flavors - Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp - here in the United States.

This reminded me of my love affair with Oreo Cookies.  Although I have more or less broken the Oreo habit due to being on Weight Watchers (not officially, anymore) I miss them.  Here's a post from 2013 where I talk about Oreos and some of the strange flavors they've made.  Since then, even more limited edition flavors have hit U.S. shelves.

In my childhood, there was only one kind of Oreo.  Now, it seems, there are so many.  Maybe, too many.

But I still wish they would bring back the Strawberry Milkshake ones.

Here's my 2013 post:

Would you eat a watermelon flavored Oreo?   

I haven't tried one yet but this inspires me to blog about my favorite cookie:  the Oreo Cookie.
I am still pining away for the limited edition Strawberry Milkshake Oreo. 

The Strawberry Milkshake Oreo.  The best Oreo ever-strawberry creme, chocolate cookie.  (Nabisco, when will you ever bring it back?  And, is it true that it is still sold in Canada even today?)

Yesterday, someone at work told me about a limited edition lemon Oreo (with blonde cookies).  She let me taste a couple today and they are good.  They would be better with the chocolate cookies, but that's not what Nabisco is marketing. (Note: as always, I do not get compensated from anyone for any product review - not that I do them very often). Not cloyingly sweet, like the birthday cake Oreo (ugh) or the candy corn Oreo (double ugh, but I detest genuine candy corn so what was I doing tasting one of these?) or the "this has to be a joke, right?" chocolate creme Oreo.

So I went online to research the lemon Oreos and read instead about the limited edition Watermelon Oreos just introduced here in the United States.

 Could Oreo be outdoing themselves with new flavors?  I've read several online reviews about the watermelon Oreos (again, with blonde cookie) - and people actually like them.  They are not artificially over-watermelonated (is that a word?).  Why they are both red and green is beyond me - and who needs artificial color like this - but I am intrigued.

Of course, two of these watermelon Oreos are 150 calories and a lot of Weight Watchers points.  Too many, considering that REAL watermelon is zero points and lots of nutrition.

But I am intrigued.  If I can get to a Target soon (it's a Target exclusive) I may be tempted to buy a package. (but don't tell my former Weight Watchers leader.)

There are a lot of Oreo flavors that aren't sold in the United States.  Why not?  Perhaps we aren't ready for Green Tea Oreos (which do appeal to me) but why not the tri-chocolate Oreos they sell in Mexico? Each cookie a different chocolate and the creme a third kind of chocolate?  Or mango/orange Oreos?  Or raspberry Oreos?

Come on, Nabisco.  Bring back the Strawberry Milkshake Oreo and bring on the Mexican chocolate Oreo!  You are missing a marketing opportunity!

Have you had any of the "unusual" (to the United States, that is) Oreos?  What did you think of them?


  1. Nope, I have not had any unusual flavors. Did not like the strawberry one either. But I would love a coffee one. How is that for an Oreo flavor? ;)

    1. That's an excellent idea. In parts of our country, people put coffee flavored syrup in milk. Many love to dunk Oreos. What a combination that would be.

  2. I was always sorry when Nabisco got their hands on Sunshine...
    Which meant the immeidate demise of Hydrox, the superior sandwich cookie. The one that started the chocolate filling choice, too!

  3. I saw the announcement for the new flavors. That was the first time I ever became aware that anything like that existed, save for various blog posts. I think my favorite "Oreo" is the one I make myself (I found the recipe online and blogged about it a couple years ago).

  4. I'm not sure about watermelon, but I would try the blueberry pie. My favorite special edition so far has been the gingerbread.

  5. I haven't had the unusual fiavors. But yay for Target! I work there and the more people buy, the better is is :)


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