Friday, July 8, 2016

Falling Friday - Our World is Falling and It Can't Get Up

Too many times we in the United States have woken up to tragic news from somewhere in the world.  Paris. Baghdad.  Istanbul.  Wardak.  

And, from our own country. San Bernardino.  Orlando.  Then, yesterday morning, two more black men shot dead, by police.  Videos indicated the shootings were not justified, and protestors took to the streets. Last night, a protest of those shootings in Dallas turned into an attack on police.  Just before 9pm local time, snipers opened fire on the march.  Five police officers are dead, with more wounded, some seriously.

We don't have all the facts yet.  We don't know if it is domestic terrorism, or what we will find.  We do know there are at least three shooters in custody, with others possibly on the loose, and that the attacks appear to have been coordinated.

At times of great crisis, we can only see death and destruction, and we wonder and fear for what is to come.   One thing can come out of this now, if you, my reader, lives in the United States.

Ponder those who are running for leadership positions in our country this fall.  I don't just mean President, but members of Congress.  Maybe even your own governor or mayor.

Think about the facts carefully.  Be informed.  Think about the events of the past few months, and which candidates you would have wanted in positions of power at the time.   Don't vote just from emotion.

And, get out and vote.  Make the choices that are right for you. 

We can only hope that good will come out of what is happening, but right now, it is hard to imagine.


  1. Scary, horrible, frightening, terrible night last night. I can't even.

    1. One of my co workers admitted to me she stayed up all night, just thinking of the last 24 hours.

  2. I just finished reading a piece in the Huffington Post. The Alchemy of Anger....

  3. Thanks for a thoughtful post. Brenda

  4. We must be the light. We need to balance the negativity. Be the peace we wish to see in the world. Be the helpers.

  5. Thank you for this caring and insightful post. I am horrified by the violence. We are in such desperate need of training in nonviolent conflict resolution at all levels, from in the home to the international level. We need to learn to resolve conflict without violence. It is the only way.

  6. A good and needed post, Alana. We have too many sorrows in too short a time. Careful consideration of our choices is necessary. Let's hope wisdom prevails in all upcoming elections!

  7. We seemed to have been making so much progress, now it seems that the world is a way scarier and more hate filled place than just one year ago. I hope that we all find the appropriate leadership for our communities and for our country.

  8. Voting is very important and keeping contact with our elected officials.
    Coffee is on

  9. One must always make an informed choice while voting and yes one must vote. Hope you get to choose the right leaders.

  10. Being informed and voting is very important!


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