Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Radiation Biohazard and Other Garden Delights

For several years I have visited Cutler Botanical Gardens just outside Binghamton, New York to marvel at their day lily display.   Cutler is a hidden gem in the Binghamton area.  Actually it isn't hidden - Interstate 81 goes right past it, and there are signs for it.

It is not famous.  It is not large.  But it deserves more attention and the volunteers who maintain it (and dig it out of occasional floods) deserve a long round of applause.  Did I also mention that it is free?

I do have a teeny tiny complaint.

They have an annoying habit of numbering many of their plants. An explanatory booklet never seems to be around.  Last year, I even contacted them on Facebook to ask for some kind of online key.  No key to the numbers resulted.

This year, in mid-July, my spouse and I visited and - finally! There was a booklet in the booklet holder. (Fear not, I returned it.)
Overview of the lily bed
So now the mysteries of previous years are somewhat solved.

Let me introduce you to Lily #249 Radiation Biohazard. 

How about Lily #215 Two Part Harmony.

#228 Karen's Curls 

And Dr. Jerrold Corbett (this one may be my favorite) although it doesn't seem to look like its catalog picture.

I could post dayily pictures all day, but I suspect I might lose all my readers.

And, by the way, Cutler is worth visiting at other seasons, too. (and, I have solved the mystery of this door I blogged about).

What is your favorite flower?


  1. Nice that you got to unravel he mystery. :) Lovely photos!

  2. Radiation Biohazard is a great name. Scary, but I think it really fits the flower.

  3. Yes, it's always totally helpful when you know what the cultivar is and then you have a name to search for it.

  4. I love visiting gardens no matter how big or small. It's such a relaxing a mind centering thing to do.

  5. I'm a big fan of daylilies even as you are and I could look at your pictures all day! Aren't those names wonderful? The unique names given plant varieties always fascinate me.

  6. I can't believe you didn't hear from them but I'm so happy you were finally able to get the key to the code. As usual, your pictures are gorgeous.

  7. Daylilies are certainly my favorite flower, but I prefer the older varieties. I used to belong to the Ame. Hemerocallis Soc. but dropped my membership after seeing so many daylilies that looked 'scary'. Multiple colors, streaks, frills - not my cup of tea.

  8. Biohazard... now that's a name... I would probably call one of my succulent that :) I have never known there were so many varieties of lilies... beautiful garden.

  9. Radiation biohazard - what a cool (though scary) name. Lovely pictures! :-)


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