Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Birthday At Last

I haven't blogged for a while about "B", my brother in law with autism.

He has a November birthday, and last year it didn't go as planned.

His mother was in rehab, after a hospitalization for pneumonia.  The plan was for us to bring "B" to the rehab place on his birthday last November, have a nice visit, and then take him to our house for a small birthday dinner.

"B" loves to eat at the Olive Garden (a chain Italian restaurant here in the United States).   Some people put chains down, and I would rather eat at a local restaurant (support your local business is one of my mottos.) I will also admit that some chains (including the Olive Garden) do a great job of listing nutritional content.  I look for calories and sodium.  They also do a good job of pointing out allergens in their food.  So this would have been a good choice.

But with his Mom in rehab, we told Bil "why don't we wait until she is out?". She was supposed to get out in a couple of more days.  He agreed.

The visit went well, until it didn't go as planned.  His Mom fell.  On her back.  Help came immediately, and she didn't seem to be hurt (except for her dignity).  But they couldn't take any chances, because she had hit her head on the floor.

We spent the rest of the day in the ER, where we waited for her to get a CT scan.  The results were normal.


While "B" sat there, I wonder what he thought.  He doesn't talk that much, and he never did say. 

This year, we are hoping for a much less eventful dinner.

Sometimes, uneventful is good.

It will be a good time to pause, before plunging into The Holidays.

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo.


  1. Convey our birthday wishes to B and I am glad his mom is normal now.

  2. Wishing your brother in law a very happy and uneventful birthday this year.

  3. Did he get a birthday dinner later? Like a day or so later? It's terrible when things like that happen on the day, but then he should totally get a make up.

  4. Glad it was a peaceful birthday!


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