Thursday, January 5, 2017

International Blog Delurking Week

We are all guilty of it. 

There's a blog out there, somewhere.  You like that blog, and you may even read it regularly, but you never leave a comment.

Maybe you are shy.  I get that.  I'm shy, too. 

Maybe you want to admire the blog post from afar. You feel you have nothing to add.

Maybe you've taken a vow of Internet silence. 

But, once a year, the blogging community asks you to break your silence.   This is the week.  It's International Blog Delurking Week, and it lasts another few days.

Thank you, Stirrup Queens, for continuing this meme in 2017.  And thank you, Laurel at Alphabet Salad, for reminding me.

The badge?  Go to Stirrup Queens and grab it.  It's OK.  It's free to all.  Melissa Ford, the owner of the Stirrup Queens blog, is generous.

You can just comment below, where it says "Post a Comment", and say "I'm here!"

Or tell me your favorite food.  That's good, too.  Or, just tell me where you live.

I love my readers, and I would love to know that you are one of them.  Thank you, if you have commented before.  And thank you for commenting today, if this post moves you.  It's easy, assuming Blogger is cooperating.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Day five of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. I had look at the number of blog hits I have for each post and look at the number of comments - big difference. I have some regular readers that for whatever reason never leave a comment, but will tell me how much they enjoy the blog when they see me or they send an email. Guess they do not know how much we like and appreciate comments.

  2. this is a nice concept - I believe in reading, commenting and sharing on others blogs to get to know more writing stylr, how to curate content and also generate traffic for you own blog. Happy to be one of your readers Alana

  3. Good article,your article encourages to share and be more open in internet world.

  4. Waving from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Alphabet Salad! Glad to be here. :)

  5. I've never heard of International Blog Delurking Week - but I LOVE IT. So here I am, respecting a new yearly celebration. Or something :-)

  6. I never realised that bloggers could be shy to comment on other bloggers' posts. Thank you for the insight. Looking forward to reading more such posts as part of UBC.

    Here is what I wrote recently. Do take a look and let me know...

  7. I'm Here...LOL! Yep, guilty of being a lurker...sometimes for weeks at a time, and then BAM!!! I'm ready to say something. Not always of great significance, but as on my own blog, I appreciate a Hello, I'm here! Thanks for the 'delurking pep talk'. LOL!!!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  8. Hardly de-lurking here, but let me just say how much I've enjoyed your views of the other end of NY! Always happy to see your name on one of the Women of Midlife daily sharing posts.

    Happy New Year!

  9. This is cool, and later on I will post a little on "Blog Lurking" after work.
    Coffee is on

  10. Hmm. Sometimes it's best to NOT leave a comment, though.
    (But, do you consider it forgiven if the post is promoted via twitter?)

  11. Oh, how funny. I used to lurk and lurk only. Nowadays, if I stopped by, I commented. Well, most of the time...

  12. I do comment, but not as often as I'd like. Writing has eaten into my blogging time. I do tweet out posts, including yours--does that work ?

  13. Just catching up here. I am probably a semi-lurker. To be honest, if there are tons of comments by the time I read a post, I generally don’t leave a comment. The reason for that is that at that point, someone else has already expressed a like minded opinion.

  14. What a great idea! Even though I'm a blogger, many times i will leave without commenting too lol

  15. Long time reader AND commenter! ;) I do wish more people who lurk and read WOULD comment on my blogs, as well. It's strange to see dozens of views and only get 1 or 2 comment/s - and sometimes none! Here's to year-round blog de-lurking! ;)

  16. I think some people who are not writer just don't know what you say on your blog or they feel uncomfortable leaving comments.


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