Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Wonders - Walking on New Years Day

An amazing New Years Day in the Binghamton, New York area of upstate New York.

Blue skies.  Sunshine.

What a day to take a walk in the park.  Or, if not in a park, on a walking trail.

My spouse and I occasionally exercise walk on the Vestal Rail Trail in nearby, Vestal, New York.

From time to time I've enjoyed taking pictures of wildflowers on the trail, and have even taken pictures of a creature or two.

But normally, I don't walk on the trail that much in the winter.

Wednesdays on my blog are a day of seasonal meanderings.  Winter is a time of snow where I live.  I have several readers who live in areas that don't get snow,and want to see snow.

This New Year's Day, though, not only was the trail itself free of snow but, in some of the small natural areas, water was running and snow was melting.

Then, yesterday, it rained for most of the day. And today, I am waking up to relatively warm temperatures ahead of a cold spell.

What a way to start the New Year.

Day four of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Glad to know that you had a good new year's day, Alana. We don't have snow in Phoenix ever, so we went to Sedona. My husband promised our son that it will snow in the night there as the forecast said so. But all it did was rain and no snow. My kid was disappointed. But still it was beautiful and relaxing. :)

  2. Yes, this year has been nuts. 65 on New Years Day, 40 the next (and rainy), snow tomorrow.
    Maybe Congress IS running the weather?

  3. One of my favorite finds in the blogosphere involves a person who likes to take walks around their community, take some pics along the way, and then put it into a blog post. One I especially enjoy is published by Happyone. She walks about 6 miles almost every day. I hope to see more posts about your walks. Congratulations on getting off to a good start on the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Have a good day, Alana!

  4. I do miss winter walks and watching snow patches get smaller and the green peeking through. Thanks for taking me with you, Beth

  5. We had a couple of snow dumps before Christmas, but then heavy rains came and washed it all away! It's cold, but doesn't really look at all like winter out right now (not that I'm complaining, as I'm sure that will change soon enough!).

  6. I look forward to following your posts Alana. I love taking nature walks and i love the stark beauty of winter. I'm down in NJ and it's pretty warm today. I think I need to take a walk around our lake. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Here in western New York, it's supposed to be snowy in the next few days. We had all sorts of snow that were washed away by rain, but I think that more snow will come. Still looking forward to a snowshoe hike.

  8. A can feel the brisk air as you take your walk! We use to live in upstate New York, near Saratoga and seeing your photos bring back great memories.

  9. That's a marvelous day, Alana. I love nature walks. Sadly it doesn't in many places of India. I am yet to experience my first snow. :)

  10. rained on New Years? Sounds really romantic. Here in Mumbai the winters are really warm - sometimes as high as 32 degree C. Do keep writing.
    Looking forward to reading more such posts as part of UBC.

    Here is what I wrote recently. Do take a look and let me know...


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