Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Falls Prevention

A couple of years ago, I blogged a "Falling Friday" feature for several weeks, while (and after) I was taking a course designed to reduce falls.
Not this kind of fall
At 64, I've already fallen several times.  I wanted so to prevent any further falls.

My mother in law, in her late 80's, has fallen a number of times, too.  Her last fall lead to some two months of physical therapy.

My heart sinks every time I hear of a senior falling.

Today, I found out someone I know had a death in her family late last week.  Her relative, 93, was active, still playing golf and still enjoying life - until he fell down a flight of stairs and broke his neck.

You don't have to be old to have this happen to you.  Someone I went to high school with lost his son a couple of years ago in a freak fall.  The son left a wife and two children, one then unborn.

I was just thinking about how I was starting to slack off on the exercises I was taught in this class.  But then I remember how I couldn't even balance several steps on an imaginary tightrope without having to grab a support.

My posts two years ago discussed what I had learned, and showed some of the exercises, which can be viewed on You Tube (filmed by professionals).

I'm thinking of reposting some of these posts.  Here are a couple of my past "falling" posts:
The Non Persistance of Vision
Falling Risk
The Return (last year, when I thought about starting the feature up.  It didn't last long.)
Time for some reflection?

What do you think?  Is falls prevention a topic you are interested in?


  1. The one reason why I keep telling my parents not to lock their bathroom doors while showering. I am so scared of them slipping or falling down. Yes, as we age, we need to be very careful. Sorry to hear about the loss.

  2. I've been thinking lately about how many folks fall, not just seniors, because they do not seem to be aware of where their body is. We do all sorts of stupid things out of habit. Someone once criticized me for looking down when I was walking. I figure it is better than stepping in a rut or tripping over uneven pavement. It is so easy to throw something out of alignment by doing 'stupid stuff', not just stuff that leads to falling.

  3. I remember that I left the pool by pulling up and standing immediately at poolside and walking away. Nowadays, I still spring out of the pool- but to my knees. And, then I become erect and march away. It's not that I can't stand immediately- it's that I know I can fall even more easily.

  4. This is very timely for me. While working in my garden yesterday, I tripped over a hose and almost went down. Scared me half to death because I spent months last year unable to work in the garden or do much of anything else after falling and injuring a hamstring and my (already arthritic) knee. Of course, I now try to be extra careful, but all it takes is a moment's inattention.

  5. It's an important topic. I've been having a few balance issues, but only the one fall. I'm sure there are others who would benefit from it, though.

  6. I would say it is a necessary topic... people do tend to take it for granted and as you mentioned, a bad fall can be fatal even


  7. I have to be real careful about not falling, because I'm both handicapped and very large. My problem is, I haven't fallen enough to have had much practice at getting up...

  8. Oh yes! I'm into that age where falls happen. I had two falls within a close period shortly after having a total knee replacement. NOT a good idea. The Lord was good and nothing broke, but I'd like all the advice you have to offer! Two Wolves Fight for Supremacy

    1. That class taught me a lot so I hope you will find something of value. Revisiting my posts from two years ago will be an excellent refresher for me. It won't be this week, but it will be later this month.

  9. I have a son with visual spatial issues so falls do now and always have terrified me. Sometimes it's nothing but other times it can just be so dangerous.

  10. Yes, I keep telling my husband we're going to need a completely single-story home as I get older. I'm already 46 and there are TOO MANY steps around this house. Steps to the bonus room, steps to the garage. Just a few in each place, but I've fallen down both of those staircases in the two years we've lived here!

  11. A very important topic.We need to be careful and keep a watch for wet floors and stuff.Also make your bones strong.Have vitamin D and calcium to keep those strong ,so that a little fall wont crack them.Exercise and yoga , too helps improve balance .

  12. Yes, I think about falls. My dad fell several times before he passed away, and my mom has fallen repeatedly. I am trying to be pro-active by taking dance lessons and practicing balance exercises. So far, it has worked!


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