Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Things - The Calm and the Storm

This is the severe weather season. 

Parts of the United States are flooding, including portions of a state I used to live in, Arkansas.

Meanwhile, on Monday, an area near where I live in upstate New York was hit by a possible tornado (this is still being investigated). While our county was not in the tornado area, my spouse (a weather enthusiast) thinks we may have been hit by a couple of microbursts.

There were downed trees everywhere, many lost power (fortunately, we didn't).  My spouse peeked out the door just in time to see part of our neighbor's gutter sailing by.  Co-workers had other stories.

My mother in law is still without power and probably won't have power until tonight.

And yet, earlier on Monday,  it was so beautiful.

Monday (May 1) was such a pretty spring day in upstate New York.  I took a number of pictures, and decided to make a collage. I had never used the collage making function of one of my iPhone software programs.

Here is my first collage, for your enjoyment.  Some of the pictures were taken in downtown Binghamton and others in a residential neighborhood.

Enjoy the calm before the storm.

I may try this again for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (May 15) but perhaps I should practice more first.


  1. I love the collage. I would love to learn how to make one. One of the bloggers I follow does beautiful collages for bloom day.

  2. That's what shocks me so much living in Texas because it wasn't this way when I lived in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Storm storm storm tornado and then the following day being unbelievably unflaggingly calm.

  3. Those blossoms are beautiful - now I guess they are a petal carpet after all the wind you've had.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  4. There were a few of those around here, too. One of the important (but, thankfully, not major) thoroughfares was closed as a tree was felled, blocking the entire 6 lane span.

  5. I heard recently that global warming, melting polar ice caps, and rising sea levels are somehow intertwined with more sever weather events, such as tornadoes in recent years and in our near future. It seems that we're experiencing more sever storms. But, I also appreciate the beautiful spring and early summer days that we're having.

  6. thank you for such lovely pictures

  7. The collage looks pretty good to me. Amazing how quickly the weather can change.

  8. What lovely blooms! hope you are all well & all services have re-started.

  9. Oh dear! I do hope things are back to normal now for your MIL. We're all so dependent on power, that it's hard to be without it.
    Lovely collage of various shades of pink!

  10. Oh, I must try to remember Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I may not specifically be a garden blogger but I've got my "Urban Gardening" category.

    Lovely photos. There were a lot of pictures of the floods on one of my kayaking groups, it looks terrible. Forecast shows one to two inches of rain here in NYC tomorrow, hope my baby basils, tomato, and peppers don't drown...


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