Sunday, October 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 2017

In my zone 5b upstate New York garden, it is summer today, with a high near 80 degrees F expected.

By Tuesday, however, we should have our first frost.  Some areas have already had frost already.  But for now, we still have most of our flowers.
I put together this collage for your enjoyment.

We had a bumper year for pineapple sage, a plant that is not hardy here, alas. It will die with the frost.

I would never put up a photo of a dying daylily flower, but this one is special, because it bloomed yesterday.  This daylily has never rebloomed.

This was not technically a GBBD picture (it was from Tuesday) but these are our zinnias, in our community garden plot.
Inside our house, both our Thanksgiving cactuses are blooming.

And finally, just to show that even in failure there is beauty, this was a failed project to grow trailing nasturtiums in a hanging basket.  I got one plant out of it and it was never happy. But it is blooming today.

I will leave you with this farewell photo - heuchera and Persian Shield.

Now that you've seen my flowers, why don't you visit Carol at May Dream Gardens in Indiana, who features this once a month meme on her website, and see what is blooming all over the world?

Day 15 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. What a wonderful collection of flowers. That pineapple sage is glorious! Happy Bloom Day.

  2. Your blooms are pretty Alana and I do like the one of the butterfly on the Zinnia. Enjoy the warm temperatures. I saw the frost warnings for upstate...autumn is kicking it's time to start planing for next year LOL!!!. Happy Bloom Day!

  3. The flowers are glorious! I love the monarch butterfly! Happy bloom day!

  4. Thanks for sharing your flowers. It finally stopped raining here and luckily no frost in our immediate future.

  5. Lovely flowers! Beautiful butterfly!

  6. Beautiful flowers. Orange one looks great.


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