Monday, November 13, 2017

Music Moves Me - One Hit Wonders of High School

Today, on Music Moves Me, the every Monday music blog hop I participate in, the theme is "one hit wonders of when you were in high school."

I am fascinated by one hit wonders. You sometimes just have to wonder - why didn't they make it with additional hits?  The songs can be so promising.

For me, my high school years were 1967-1970 (my high school started in 9th grade). 

1967 brought us a novelty song by "Whistling Jack Smith" called "I was Kaiser Bill's Batman".  The real name of Whistling Jack Smith was John O'Neill, and, sadly, he passed away in 1999.

1968 was so hard because there were so many wonderful one-hit wonders that year. I will not subject you to MacArthur Park by Richard Harris, as much as I would like to because I know so many people detest that (I'm a bit partial to the Donna Summer cover myself).  Instead, I feature a great talent, Mason Williams, whose hit of 1968, Classical Gas, nearly made my instrumental post of last week.

For 1969, I picked a favorite of my spouse's - Hot Smoke and Sassafras by the Bubble Puppy.  I rocked so hard to this song, I almost bounced the laptop right off my lap.

Finally, for 1970, I picked a song that technically I should not have picked, because it was a hit after I graduated high school in 1970, but I love this song so much, I made an exception.  Miguel Rios sings "A Song of Joy". (Note, some images at the beginning may be disturbing).  This song was more popular in Europe than in the United States, where it peaked at #14.

What one hit wonders of your high school years are your favorites?

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  1. I graduated from college in 1968 and my sister bought me the MacArthur Park album. I loved that song.

  2. Alana,

    The thing I like about Whistling Jack's Song is anyone can sing alone if they can whistle and that I can do! :) "Classical Gas" is a great song. The Bubble Puppy? What a name for a band! I wonder where these groups came up with such names. Maybe, some smoked too much weed. lol I definitely do not remember this group or their song. "A Song of Joy" I do remember but by a different artist. Now, you got me wishing for Christmas. :) Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a tunetastical day! ;)

  3. I loved the choices. Even though I never heard Hot Smoke and Sassafras or the Song of Joy.
    But, Mason Williams. What's to add?

  4. You know, I never knew what your '69 pick was until now. I remember wanting to buy the record, but not wanting to go into the record store and make a fool of myself by asking for a record I didn't know the name of. Great song! All of these are great. To this day I walk around whistling "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman."

  5. Oh, my word! Where to start! My high school began with 1970, so I'll restrict my choices to that year! :) One Tin Soldier, Spirit in the Sky, In the Summertime, Montego Bay and the one I listened to ad nauseum: Indiana Wants me! So, so many choices!

  6. I thought I'd have heard of some of your choices but haven't heard of a single one. Now I'm curious, I'm going to have to google one hit wonders from my high school years.

  7. I hadn't heard all of these Alana - your highschool days were ending as mine were beginning - but I must admit to having a soft spot for MacArthur Park.

  8. Girlfriend, I cannot believe Whistlin' Jack made money with that tune. bwahahahaha BUT HE DID! Thanks for bringin' it back for us. You have rocked the house!

  9. These songs were new to me so thanks for sharing!


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