Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mr. Softee #FlavoursomeTuesdays

A summer evening in Brooklyn.  I am visiting a childhood friend.  We've known each other for 50 years.  You can't get more nostalgic than that.

A familiar bell rings in the distance.
It's the Mr. Softee truck!

Mr. Softee was one of the staples of growing up in New York City, along with the Good Humor man.   But I hadn't had a Mr. Softee in - oh, 50 years?

I didn't even know they existed any more.

I had to have a Mr. Softee.  My friend's husband bought me my favorite, a soft vanilla cone. No sprinkles, no gunk, just pure vanilla pleasure.

I need to explain that Mr. Softee is a brand of something we call soft ice cream, or, sometimes, "custard".  I'm not sure how popular it is outside the United States, but, even today, it is popular where I live in upstate New York.  The soft ice cream is normally eaten on a cone, sometimes with sprinkles, or fudge topping (which freezes into a hard shell).  The favorite flavors are vanilla and chocolate, but, more recently, exotic flavors have joined the ranks.  And, for those lactose intolerant (as one of my childhood friends is), there are even milk-free varieties.

In the summertime (and this is still true today) ice cream trucks cruise residential neighborhoods, bells ringing, and stop every couple of blocks so the neighborhood children, clutching their money, can buy some spur-of-the-moment ice cream.

What happens when you try to relive your childhood memories?  Memories of food - taste, texture, and events surrounding the food are some of my strongest childhood memories.

So, I decided to go on You Tube, and, to my delight, I found I wasn't the only one who remembered Mr. Softee.  But, good news - they still exist.

This video shows the soft ice cream being served, and shows a vintage ice cream tune music box.

Sometimes, though, other things happens when you try to relive your childhood.  Like when I ate that ice cream cone above.

I had already eaten dinner, and I ended up with a stomach ache.

Why am I reliving childhood food memories?

Several weeks ago, I was invited by an Indian blogger, who goes by the name of Bellybytes, to participate in a weekly meme called "FlavoursomeTuesdays".  I promised her I would participate, and then life happened - more than once.

But I am finally posting today, and keeping the English spelling of (what we spell as "flavorsome") flavoursome, to keep the flavor.  So, if you have a food memory to share, why don't you participate, along with Bellybytes and Shilpa and me on #FlavoursomeTuesdays with "your droolworthy memories of food."

Tomorrow - Garden Bloggers Bloom Day


  1. I can imagine the joy and happiness of having Mr Softee which was laced with all childhood memories. I had similar experience when I had some sour candies after some 20 years which I ate as a child at my granny's home during vacations.

  2. Mr. Softee and Carvel.
    I still drool at the thoughts of them. (And, I buy Mr. Softee when I visit New York every time.)

  3. Summer doesn't feel like it's really summer yet until I've patronized an ice cream truck.

    I usually get an ice cream sandwich, vanilla or neapolitan. My Basking Ridge Grandma (my mom's mom) always had ice cream sandwiches in the freezer when we would visit in the summertime and the flavor takes me right back.

  4. This just gave me chills. Honestly, I took it as a hello from my dad. Mr. Softee is a reminder of him and they visit my mom's house in Brooklyn all the time. ;) My daughter loves it - as I did when I was a kid. Thank you for this. So very much.

  5. We had THE GOOD HUMOR Man in a white truck that opened in the back where he took out the frozen goodies. We knew he was coming cause he rang a bell.

  6. You had *actual* ice cream trucks? We had ice cream trucks, but they sold popsicles (in packaging) only. Still do. I always though "ice cream truck" was a misnomer.

  7. I was so thrilled to see this post Alana! I can't thank you enough for participating with this very sweet memory which reminded me of my own softee ice creams as a child. Yes, they are sold even in India and though not the rage any more, do bring back fond memories of the days when they were. And as recently as September this year, I saw my grand daughter enjoying her lick of a softee on a warm Philadelphia afternoon and wished I could have had a softee of my own!Hoping to see more of you at this table.

    1. I intend to visit from time to time. Next week is Thanksgiving week and that holiday brings back many memories.

  8. OH that is such a beautifully cool memory you shared, Alana! The softie ice cream cones can sure leave you elated. I had quite a many at our neighbourhood McDonalds when it was introduced long ago. Just plain and simple vanilla would do the trick on us, too.
    Thank you for joining us at flavoursometuesdays! Looking forward to hearing many more foodie tales!

    1. Years ago, I worked in an office that had a McDonalds next door, and, yes, I indulged from time to time. Happy to hear your memories of soft ice cream.

  9. I had no idea that the Mr. Softee song had words! Such excitement whenever we heard the jingle from up the street.I have fond memories of our Mister Softee times in Queens. Al would sell me a handful of whipped cream for a nickel; I mean, he'd dispense it right into my hand! I loved vanilla 7-Up Floats, orange ices and the pineapple sundaes. We don't have Softee trucks where I live which is sad for the local kids.


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