Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sustainable Saturday- Buffalo Balls and More

Today, I am bringing you a January farmer's market in Orlando, Florida, at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando.

Orlando is so much more than Disney and Universal Studios.  If you visit Orlando, you owe it to yourself to investigate the non-theme park aspects.

Later this year, I hope to bring you some more from Orlando.  Today, I feature the Sunday farmers market.

In my limited experience, Florida farmers markets (well, I've only been to two so it is VERY limited experience) tend to be more sales of crafts, some flea market items, ready made food, and some produce, so I concentrated on the food aspect.
You will never find this in a farmers market where I live in upstate New York, because we don't grow avocados - but they do grow them in Florida.

And here they are, along with raw cacao.

Local (from Homestead, Florida) passion fruit was also for sale.

Oh, about the Buffalo Balls - they are chicken meatballs with "Buffalo sauce" (I assume wing sauce, which is a type of hot sauce originating in Buffalo, New York, eaten with fried chicken wings.  No buffalos are harmed in the production of wing sauce).

I enjoyed myself at the market, for so many reasons, but it was also a bit overwhelming with all the new sights and sounds.

Do you like to visit farmers markets when you travel?


  1. I'll be in Orlando in a few weeks! I visited markets in Italy and England, because I love shopping with the locals. I shop at our local market as often as I can.

  2. I love visiting the farmer's markets. We have a terrific one here in Spartanburg, SC.

  3. I did know Buffalo was for the city. Although, it was a long time before I learned that tidbit. The farmers market looks cool.


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