Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2018 Solidly Spring

May 15 in my zone 5b Binghamton, New York area garden.   Less than a month ago we were getting snow flurries and some overnight accumulations.  Now, it is solidly spring.  Although we've had cold days, we've also had days in the 80's.  Spring, in fact, is speeding by too fast.  With the heat, the blooms aren't lasting long.  I had a species tulip that literally lasted one day, just as an example.

This year, you won't see my crocus.  Or my bloodroot.  Or other early spring bulbs.  They are long gone.

In April I was trying to scratch out one or two flower photos and had to depend on houseplants.  Now, I am so inundated I have to make collages just to keep up. 

May I show you what's blooming in my yard and home this 15th of May, 2018?  Yes?  Because, once again, SPRING IS HERE! (Flourish of trumpets).

Cherry blossoms from a tree sapling I was given by a neighbor dying from cancer several years ago.  I will never forget him (he also gave me a redbud sapling that is at the end of its bloom)
This year, my son, who always gives me a hanging basket for Mother's Day, surprised me with a pansy basket after two years in a row of geranium baskets.
Variegated euphorbia.
This trillium has a story.  I bought it about four years ago and was told it would take several years to bloom.  Last year there was a little flower spike that didn't open. This year it was bigger and opened a little.  Next year?

Dead nettle
White bleeding heart (I also have red and yellow, but don't want to overwhelm you.

Yellow brunneria.

For bulbs, I've chosen collages.  My tulips are somewhat done but I still have some left.

Ditto for daffodils.

And even my houseplants are getting into the act (clockwise, Thanksgiving cactus, moth orchid and African violet).

I'll even have some flowers left over for tomorrow.

Now, would you do me a favor?  Go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens and click the links to gardens from all over the world!


  1. Lots of blooms for you. I only have a few.

  2. A great variety of blooms!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. The weather this year really played havoc with bloom times, but things are finally looking pretty good.

  4. Your garden must be a beauty with all those blooms! I love bleeding heart-we had it when I was a kid. Thanks for the bouquet this morning!

  5. I always find it fascinating to read about gardens in other part of the U.S. / World. I garden in zone 6b / 7a - Fayetteville, Arkansas. (I once spent the summer in Japan and met a guy from Binghamton NY, but that's a whole other story.) We have trillium growing wild here in the woods. And it seems we went from spring to summer in one week!

  6. It looks like you are knee-deep in flowers! What a wonderful variety of plants you have. Happy Bloom Day.

  7. Wow! Looks great. I have yet to ever get an African Violet to bloom.

  8. What you need to do is store some of these away. Then in the lean months, you pull these out and say "here". Well, it could work...

  9. lovely blooms of Flowering bulbs,our weather doesnt suit to grow such beautiful Bulbous plants.


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