Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Things - Flowers (What Else)

I had so many flowers for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (the 15th of each month) that I had some extra photos of flowers in my yard to share with you, my dear readers.  Time to enjoy wordlessly....

Bleeding heart
Variegated Solomon's Seal
Happy Violas
Yellow Bleeding Heart
Vinca and Sweet Woodruff (the sweet woodruff has tiny white flowers that are hard to see)
Tomorrow, I promise, a break from the flowers.


  1. Flowers are fine with me. My vinca seemed to love the cold winter. It is just like a carpet. Astilbe loved it too so I am eager to see if the blooms are great this year after the duds of last summer.

  2. Please no breaks from the lovely flowers! I can never get enough!

  3. Loving these flowers. None are up in my yard yet. Sigh.

  4. Thank you for brightening my day as I walked in your garden.

  5. Why? I like the flowers. You can post flowers all week as far as I'm concerned :)

  6. They're beautiful and this is the only way I get to enjoy them being allergic to bees is no fun! :*(


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