Thursday, May 17, 2018

It Did Happen Tomorrow

My heart goes out to those in the Northeast United States without power, without roofs, without cars, and to the families who lost loved ones in the storm on Tuesday.  This includes the county where my spouse spent his teenaged years.  That county (Putnam) is under a state of emergency after being hit by two tornadoes.

There were even reports of tsunami-like waves off the coast of New Jersey.  I grew up in New York City.  I had never seen skies that looked like pictures of the New York City sky I saw on Facebook in my years of living there.

And then there was the deracho that hit our nation's capital and the nearby states.

They could easily make a movie called "Storms Gone Wild"  but it would be truth.

Years ago, the Weather Channel had a series called "It Could Happen Tomorrow".  Well, it's happened.  All over our country.  All over our world.

I shake my head at those who don't believe in "climate change", as if it was a belief and not a reality.  If we don't stop politicizing this issue, and face it head on, we are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Our trees and crops are suffering.  Farmers in this area were put behind in their planting.  And the growing season seems to be migrating - witness our April of constant cold weather and even snow.

But among the doom and gloom, May flowers still bloom.  Spring has rushed to catch up, and spring has caught up here in the Binghamton, New York area.
Crabapple on my street 5-15-18

Here's some proof.

Cherry tree.

And, on the West Side of Binghamton, what I think is a weeping redbud.

Nature.  So deadly.  And so beautiful.


  1. We have had so much rain here that the sump well in my basement sounds like Niagara Falls. I must say that the plants and grass seem to be loving it. Me, not so much. Some areas still have puddles.

  2. Glad you got spared. We've been hit with significant rain storms every day since Sunday!

  3. Lovely to see more of the flowers over there Spring has finally arrived in Cumbria, Uk, too!

  4. We've been having the most unusual weather here too - thunderstorms and rain all through summer!
    Climate change is a reality and that anyone should deny it is shocking!

  5. I think spring flowers are sent every year to cheer us after the long, cold winter. This year we need them more than ever!

  6. Not believing in climate change is kind of like not believing in summer. But there are those that will be willfully blind to the obvious.

  7. Tornadoes (or cyclones as we Aussies call them) are a nightmare - when I see the damage they do in the US it just blows me away. I am amazed that they are the norm in some areas and people deal with it every year!


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