Friday, July 27, 2018

Cutler Skies #SkywatchFriday #BlogBoost

After several days of unrelenting high humidity and on and off rain (we missed the flooding that hit areas of the Northeast, fortunately) the sun has finally come out again.

These pictures were taken at Cutler Botanic Gardens in Binghamton, New York, a small gem of our area, on Saturday, before the rains hit.

 Free of charge and kept up by volunteer master gardeners, it is also an AAS display garden, one of about 360 such gardens in the United States.

The day lilies were in full bloom last Saturday.
Another view.

And finally, the sky sandwiched among some of the garden's trees.

Do you like pictures of the sky?  Why not visit Yogi's blog at #SkywatchFriday and check out other watchers of the sky.

Day 28 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #BlogBoost.


  1. Beautiful gardens...great areas for "stopping and smelling the roses." Wonderful thinking spots. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A taste of things to come, for us here in the Southern Hemisphere. Winter is still upon us down under, but spring will come, followed by the heat and humidity you speak of. Great photos! :)

  3. Glad the rain held off to let you sample the views.

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful place to be able to visit. Bet you go there often.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love cloud watching, it's one of my favorite things about living in Montana - Big Sky Country!

  6. Gardens are my favorite places to hang out and it looks like the one you show is a good one!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. Beautiful skies and the gardens look wonderful!

  8. Our weather has been all over the place today. On various trips outside, Charlie complained it was too cold, too windy, too hot, rainy....

  9. The sky (behind the clouds) is so blue...


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