Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sustainable Saturday - Garden Friends and Enemies

A trip to our community garden plot in Binghamton, New York today yielded up some interesting sights.

Look in a garden and you may find these gardening friends and enemies.

A sunflower. (Yes, not all sunflowers are yellow).  One of these is in a vase in our dining room right now.
A zucchini flower.
Zinnias (for some reason, they grow better in our community garden).

But on the other hand, not everything in the garden is welcome.
Japanese beetles feasting on our bean plants (and a couple doing something else underneath the leaf).

And a grasshopper taking a break.

A garden can be a busy place, indeed.  With the recent rains, and our not being able to visit, the weeds have been quite busy, too.

Now it's time for us to get to work.

Do you garden?

Day 28 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #BlogBoost.


  1. I don't grow food, but as my puppies are getting older, I'm slowly introducing some landscaping to see if they dig it up. I've learned I have to keep a close eye on them until the soil stops smelling like manure. This fall I'm planting zoysia grass in their little strip behind the house. It's a garden house with a courtyard of aggregate concrete so just the edges can be landscaped. So far it hasn't been bugs but this beastly heat I've been battling. It's very satisfying and meditative to see things grow.

  2. plants make me happy...thank you for sharing the beauty!

  3. Great photos! Zinnas are one of my favorite flowers to grow. Yes we garden, although here in Montana the season is pretty short. We don't have Japanese Beetles, but we do have grasshoppers. Slugs and voles are the other two pests we see most of.

  4. That sunflower looks burned. Interesting.

  5. I don't garden, but my mom does. It's beautiful how she feels connected to the plants. Great pictures!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I have never seen a sunflower that's not yellow. So glad to check out this garden. As always, gorgeous!


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