Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Beauty

Today is going to be a busy morning for me, so I am going to take a deep breath.

Why don't you, too, and let the week's cares drop away for a few minutes?

For your Sunday morning, let's take a short walk from the Broome County farmer's market in Binghamton, New York.
Just a few feet away is a beautiful, free botanical garden.

Cross a small bridge or two.
Wander through the flowers.  Yes, take your time.  Watch the bees.  Sniff a flower or two (some of these day lilies are fragrant)
And then cross the bridge again to return to your every day life.

Your moment of peace.  And now, back to whatever you were doing.

Happy Sunday!

Day 29 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #BlogBoost


  1. What an ideal way to start Sunday? I love the photos, and the journey across the bridge and through the flowers. No matter how hectic the rest of the day was, I’m sure the peace of the morning walk sustained you. Great blog! :)

  2. Alana,

    It's good to unwind and stop to smell the roses (or any kind of flower). Life should be enjoyed, instead of rushed. Fabulous photos!


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