Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Spiediefest - Their Beautiful Balloons

Have you ever been up close to a hot air balloon launch?

I've never ridden in one but, the first weekend in August, Binghamton, New York hosts a Spiediefest, including live music, rides, and (weather depending) hot air balloon launches.

Because this balloon rally is relatively small (this year about 25 balloons participated) you can literally get close up, almost close enough to touch.
A basket, on its side.
A peek, inside the basket.  And no, they aren't that big.  The passengers are really crammed in.
Balloon stretched out.

Inflation begins.

Here is a video of the last part of the inflation.

Ready for launch.

Here are some of the other balloons.  In this one, you can see the glow of the fire as the balloon gets ready to launch.

And one final picture.

I'll share more with you another time.

Would you like to ride in one of these beautiful balloons?  At this festival, it will set you back $200 per person.  Maybe one day.....


  1. I love, love love hot air balloons! My son treated his wife to a ride for their anniversary one year and I was soooo envious! We used to have quite a contingent of Ballonists in Edmonton. On many calm days in the spring, summer or fall, one could glimpse a cloud of them launching from the city. All shapes and sizes. Once my Husby looked up from his eighth-floor office in the city core to see a house (yes, Dorothy, a house) floating past. Another time, it was an 18 Wheeler! So much fun!

  2. We have some friends from that part of New York. We had lunch at their house and they served Speidies. Very tasty!

    Never been up in a balloon, unfortunately, and theres a good chance I'll never get up in one...

  3. I have always wanted to go to a balloon fest, especially to see and photograph an evening glow. There is no better tune for a balloon ride than "Up, up, up and Away". Have a blessed week.

  4. There is one of those festivals in October, I think, in New Mexico, I think. My father went last year. It was something he'd wanted to do for a while. It sounded like he enjoyed it. It sounds like you enjoyed this one, too.


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