Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Spiediefest - A Teaser

Today I'm posting a little teaser.  An appetizer, if you will.

If you read my Friday post, you know that Binghamton, New York is having a festival called the "Spiediefest" this weekend.

Today, I spent some of the day there.

I parked in a neighborhood I lived in over 30 years ago and walked in with my spouse, crossing the Chenango River.

When you enter the park and go through the security check, at first, you think "where is everyone?  It's so peaceful."

In fact, we've been having rain.  So much that the first day of the festival was cancelled (yesterday).  That's a first for the festival, as far as I know.

But don't be fooled by the peace.  Soon enough you are in the middle of things.

And you see a truck.  And more trucks, with different logos, but like this truck.

You are in for a treat.  Here's your teaser. Come back to my blog tomorrow (hopefully), Tuesday, and Friday, and find out just what these people are up to.

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  1. I saw some of your pictures on Instagram. Looks like it was a great day.


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